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Types of Student Discipline

Warning: Notice to the student that continuation or repetition of specified conduct may be cause for other disciplinary action (May be written or oral notice).

Reprimand: Written reprimand for violation of specified regulations or misconduct. A reprimand places on record that a student has violated college regulations. A student receiving a reprimand is notified that continued violations may result in formal disciplinary action.

Restitution: Reimbursement by the student for damage to or misappropriation of property. Reimbursement may take the form of appropriate service by the student to repair property or otherwise to compensate for damage.

Disciplinary Probation: Specific period of conditional participation in campus and academic affairs, which may involve exclusion from designated privileges or extracurricular activities. If a subject violated any condition of probation, he/she shall be subject to further disciplinary action to be taken in accordance with these procedures.

Removal: Should be exercised when warning or reprimand fails to bring about proper conduct. Removal may be immediate if student presents a present danger. Instructor may remove a student for cause from class for the day of the class and the next class meeting for a maximum of two class meetings.

Suspension: Suspension from classes for up to the remainder of the school term or from all classes and activities of the College for one or more terms. Suspension is the termination of student status for that period of time.

Expulsion: Termination of student status, for an indefinite period of time, requires the approval of the Governing Board. The student may be readmitted to City College only with the specific approval of the Governing Board.

Suspension or expulsion of a student shall be accompanied by a hearing to determine if good cause warrants such suspension or expulsion. Good cause shall include, but is no limited to, conduct identified as prohibited.

Due Process

A student has a right to due process. The Office of the Dean of Student Advocacy, Rights & Responsibilities has the responsibility to assure the implementation of due process.



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