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Self Study Tools - Standard I

The Self Study Tools provide a diagnostic guide for analyzing evidence gathered for each standard.  A step-by-step tool or "template" has been created for each of the 102 standard sections (sub-sections of each of the four main standards).  The templates are designed to facilitate the analytical process by compiling relevant information together in one place.  The template's two-page format outlines all of the evidence gathered to date and lists the questions from the ACCJC/WASC Guide intended to help the reader more broadly consider the standards.

To download the template relevant to your section, click on the appropriate standard.  Once the Word document appears, select "Save As" from the "File" menu; save the document by the standard's name.  Complete the template in the Word document and save after each revision.

Submit your template to your committee co-chairs upon completion.  Please, check with your co-chairs for template due dates.

Standard I - Section A Standard I - Section B
Standard IA
Standard IB.1
Standard IA.1
Standard IB.2
Standard IA.2,3
Standard IB.3
Standard IA.4
Standard IB.4

Standard IB.5

Standard IB.6

Standard IB.7
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