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Student Success
Find: reports on transfer, graduation and other success measures.

Accountability Reporting for the California Community College (ARCC)
CCSF ARCC Scorecard_2013 Report
CCSF ARCC 2012 Report
CCSF ARCC 2011 Report
CCSF ARCC 2010 Report - Credit only
CCSF ARCC 2010 Report - Noncredit only
CCSF ARCC 2010 Student Progress and Achievement (SPAR)

NOTE:  The list below primarily includes large-scale studies.  To view student success data for departments, offices, and units see program review and SLO pages.  Many smaller reports are referenced within the program reviews such as those done for math, English, and ESL sequences.  You can also find data for specific CTE programs by searching for "Gainful Employment" at

Additional student success data is available through the Decision Support System (DSS). The DSS was created in 1998 by Research & Planning. The DSS will continue to be made available until the more modern ARGOS system is up-and-running (ARGOS implementation is currently underway). Note, some enrollment management data is currently available via the DSS but even more will be available via ARGOS.
Please contact if you would like access to the DSS.  

The DSS includes a plethora of student success data such GPA, course completion rate, persistence to next term, and persistent to following year.  Various "cuts" are available including College-wide by Term, College-wide by Academic Year, by Location (Center/Campus/Online), by Department, by Course.  In addition, data can be disaggregated by various cohorts and demographics such as new first time, full and part time, day and evening, educational goal, prior educational level, high school of origin, age, gender, ethnicity, zip code, and basic skills status for each of the three domains of math, English, and ESL.

College Reports

High School, New and Exiting Students

Pre-Collegiate Basic Skills

Matriculation and Other Programs and Services

Transfer and Post-graduation Success

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