Grants Office
G R A N T S   R E C E I V E D  (1998)
(in alphabetical order)
Northern California Biotechnology Center State Chancellor's Office
          Facilitates among ten Northern California
            Biotechnology programs at community colleges
            and the biotechnology industry. 

Student Financial Aid During Internship Osher Foundation
$  80,000
             Provides financial aid to qualified low-income
             students who are participating in internships in
             Child Development, Hotel and Restaurant 
             Management, Community Health Workers and
             Vocational Nursing.

Service Learning with the OMI  Campus Compact
$    5,000
              Supports the development of service learning
              pedagogy into existing courses.  Service 
              learning engages students in active
              learning through service to the community.

Tech-Prep State Chancellor's Office
$  99,930
              Expands and enhances high-tech, high-skill
              career pathways between high school and CCSF

Vocational ESL Lab Tutorial State Chancellor's Office
$  18,727
               Provides an open-enty/open-exit, non-credit lab
               course in which students study self-paced, 
               individualized VESL learning modules and practice
               vocational language in small groups.

Workplace Learning Resource Center State Chancellor's Office
               Provides education, training, and services 
               for business such as skills assessments, 
               task analysis, teaching basic skills and ESL.