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Detail from "Marriage of the Artistic Expression of the North and South of This Continent." A mural by Diego Rivera located at City College of San Francisco.

City College of San Francisco
Annual Program Review

Last update 11-15-2011

  Program Review Timeline for 2010-11 Amended
  Blank Annual Program Review form for 2010-11
  Question 1, Program Review glossary & Student demographics links are:
  Program Review Glossary
  CCSF Student Demographics
  City-wide Demographics
  CCSF Student Success

  Question 6, College Plans are available at this link:
  CCSF College Plans

  Completed program review documents are available at these links:
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  CCSF 2010-11 Program Review
  CCSF 2009-10 Program Review
  CCSF 2008-09 Program Review (pilot year)
  Program Review Committee Reports to College's Planning & Budgeting Council
  2010-2011 Themes for Commendations, Challenges, and Concerns
  2010-2011 Overview of Resources Needed
  Evaluations of the Program Review System:
  2011 evaluation of the program review system
  2009 evaluation of the program review system
  For the most prompt response, please direct any questions about program review to
  Please visit the Decision Support System for daily updated current enrollment data and information from Spring 1998-present on course and section demand, student headcount and characteristics, student success, and enrollment productivity.
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