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City College of San Francisco has established the Speakers Bureau as part of its efforts to serve community organizations, businesses, schools, and various chambers of commerce. By sharing the scholarly pursuits, professional expertise and personal interests of its faculty, CCSF hopes to inspire and increase awareness of the many subjects offered at its various campuses.

Participation of the speakers listed herein is on a voluntary basis. Services are extended without cost.  The content of presentations represent the views of the individual speaker, and not necessarily those of City College of San Francisco.

To schedule a speaker, contact the Office of Marketing and Public Information at 415-239-3680 or email

You may also print out and complete the Request for Speakers Form and fax the completed form to Martha Lucey, Dean, Office of Marketing and Public Information (415) 452-5150.

red bulletred bulletArgenti, Mary A.
Instructor, Music Department
1.  Music from the American Parlor, 1880's -1920's: A Re-enactment of a Musical Soiree in Great Grandma's Parlor; Her Music, Costumes, andAttitudes

red bulletred bulletBatchelor, Karen
Instructor, English as a Second Language Department
1. English as a Second Language
2. Improving Success Rates of ESL Students
3. Textbook Writing and Publishing

red bulletred bulletBlair, Thomas
Instructor, Foreign Languages Department
1.  European Union
2.  France Today
3.  Berlin Today & Tomorrow

red bulletred bulletBlood, David
Dance Department
1.  The Male Ballet Dancer
2.  Popularity of Swing Dance

red bulletred bulletCarlson, Lenny
Instructor, English as aSecond Language and Music Departments
1. Multiculturalism and the New Technology
2. A Foundation in the Arts as Preparation for a Career in Business
3. Ethical and Practical Issues Concerning the Web

red bulletred bulletCepeda, Memphis A.
Instructor, Engineering Department
1. City College of San Francisco: A Source of Accessible Education
2. Engineering and Technology at City College of San Francisco
3. Want to Sparkle at Work?  Learn New Skills at City College of San Francisco

red bulletred bulletCheng, Eva Y.
1.  Outreach/Publicity to San Francisco Communities, especially Chinese Speaking Immigrants About  U.S. Higher Education Systems
2.  Orientation to City College of San Francisco - Academic/Vocational Programs, Student Support Services, Registration Procedures
3.  Bilingual/Bicultural Chinese Presentations

red bulletred bulletClark, Ophelia
Immediate Past President, Academic Senate
1.  The Outstanding Faculty at City College of San Francisco

red bulletred bulletCurtis, Arthur (Smiley)
Chair, Graphic Communications Department
1. Graphic Communications at City College of San Francisco
2. Printing Instruction at City College of San Francisco
3. Digital Printing

red bulletred bulletDel Portillo, Carlota
Dean, Mission Campus
1. What City College Has To Offer Individuals  and Communities
2. Access to Education - A Right, Equality/Equity

red bulletred bulletDulman, Marc
Instructor, English Department
1.  The Zen of Grammar
2.  The Creation Myth: Eve As Israel
3.  Hemingway In Paris: Knowledge As Power

red bulletred bulletDye, Dora
Instructor, Paralegal/Legal Studies 
1.  Exciting Careers in the Law
2.  Distance Learning: What Is It? And Is It for You?

red bulletred bulletFrahm, Janene
Instructor, Speech Department
1. Listening, Dealing with Conflict
2. How You Can Be a More Dynamic Speaker
3. Communicate More Effectively at Work
4. Nonverbal Communication - What Are You Saying With Your Body Language?

red bulletred bulletGarcia, Diane R.
Instructor, Diagnostic Medicine Imaging
1.  The Need for Qualified Radiologic Technologists

red bulletred bulletGoldstein, Peter
Vice-Chancellor of Administration and Finance
1. Financial Issues in Community Colleges
2. Capital Projects at City College
3. Facilities Issues Relating to City College

red bulletred bulletGriffin, Don Q.
1. Teaching Excellence at City College of San Francisco

red bulletred bulletGutierrez, Marcos Eusebio
Instructor, Broadcasting
1.  Latinos in the Media
2.  De-regulation of the Broadcasting Industry
3.  Growth of the Latino Media Market

red bulletred bulletHeffron, Jill
Coordinator, Study Abroad
1. Studying in Mexico
2.  Intercultural Communication
3. Studying in China
4. Studying in Paris 
5. Studying in Florence
6. Studying in Madrid
7. Study Abroad and Scholarship Opportunities for Community Colleges

red bulletred bulletHennig, Kathy
Manager, Purchasing Office
1.  Careers in Purchasing & Buying

red bulletred bulletHughes, Jeanne-Marie
Instructor, Physical Education & Dance Department
1. Yoga, Dance, Stress Reduction, Weight Control, Meditation
2. Ballroom and Social Dance 
3. Modern Dance History, Choreography

red bulletred bulletHunnicutt, Veronica
Dean, Southeast Campus
1. Community Dialogues as the Genesis of Curricular Design at the Southeast Campus
2.  Designing and Implementing alternative educational programs for at risk and disaffected students
3. Utilizing multicultural materials to enhance students' reading, writing, and analizing skills
4. Developing a peer mentoring program. 
5. Using community, public and private partnerships and other resources to establish programs that empower students and build corridors for student success
6. Breaking the cycle of school and community violence
7. How to establish culturally relevant courses and programs that work for students regardless of    their backgrounds or learning styles
8. Adapting teaching methods to diverse learning styles

red bulletred bulletJackson, Linda
Associate Director, Affirmative Action/ADA Coordinator
1.  Issues of Legal Compliance
2.  Equal Opportunity Compliance
3.  ADA Policy & Guidelines

red bulletred bulletJackson, Susan 
Instructor, Theatre Arts Department
1. Theatre, Shakespeare, Writing (Theatre Reviews, Short Stories, Plays)
2. Acting in the Theatre of Life (How Theatre and Theatricality are part of our lives)
3. Performing Shakespeare (acting)

red bulletred bulletJohnson, Paul
Chair, Disabled Students Programs & Services
1.  Support Services to Students with Disabilities

red bulletred bulletKech, Stephen
Public Relations Officer
1.  Publishing a Weekly Newsletter
2.  Writing & Publishing for the Media
3.  Building Media Savvy

red bulletred bulletKelly-Brennan, Briahn
Instructor, Health Care Technology
Licensed Acupuncturist
1. Chinese Herbal Medicine
2. Traditional Chinese Medicine
3. Alternative Medicine

red bulletred bulletKillebrew, Ann
Instructor, Nursing Department
1.  Nutrition
2.  Basic Nursing
3.  Gerontology in Sweden
4.  Nursing Education in Norway and Sweden
5.  Scandanavian Travel

red bulletred bulletLucey, Martha
Dean, Marketing & Public Information Office
1.  Publicity on a Shoestring
2.  Promoting Diversity at California Community Colleges: A Statewide Initiative
3.  Celebrating 70 Years of Teaching Excellence at City College

red bulletred bulletPhilip V. Magalong
Instructor, Disabled Student Programs & Services
1.  Engagement and motivation as enhancements to retention and success of college students 
2.  Transition from school to work
3.  Best practices in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in higher education
4.  Valuing community partnerships in development educational plans for students with mental illness
5.  Disability awareness
6.  Preadmission strategies to enhance enrollment and retention

red bulletred bulletMarley, Elsa P.
Instructor, Art Department
1.  Collaborations with Artists of Different Cultures, East & West
2.  Collaborative Art
3.  Art: East & West

red bulletred bulletMcDaniel, Lillian
Instructor, Transitional Studies
1.  Polishing Skills as Needed for Business Sector
2.  Improving Basic Skills
3. Transition from High School to Community College

red bulletred bulletMcGuire, Phyllis G.
Associate Vice Chancellor, Workforce & Economic Development
1.  The Challenges of Establishing Educational & Training Partnerships
2.  Serving the Educational Needs of Underserved Populations
3.  The Community Colleges' Role in Workforce Development

red bulletred bulletMitchell, Patricia P.
Instructor, English as a Second Language Department
1.  HIV/AIDS and The Down Low
2.  National Coalition of 100 Black Women, San Francisco Chapter
3.  ESL and African American History and Culture

red bulletred bulletMueller, Madeline
Chair, Music Department
1.  Women Composers: Clara Shuman, Cecile Chaminade, and others
2.  Music from the American Parlor, 1860-1915: A Re-enactment of a Musical Soiree in Great Grandma;s Parlor; Her Music, Costumes, and Attitudes

red bulletred bulletNeranchi, George
Instructor, Business Department
1.  International Business
2.  International Defense Policy
3.  International Economics

red bulletred bulletNeumann, Robert
Instructor, English as a Second Language Department
1.  Aligning, Developing, and Retaining Global Talent
2.  Optimizing Executive Development for Global Operations
3.  Clear Communication for Remote Teams
4.  Helping Foreign-Born Employees Become Star Contributors Here
5.  Finding Your Way in an American Organization (for foreign-born employees)

red bulletred bulletOwens, Ph.D. Ronnie
Coordinator, Re-Entry to Education Program
1.  Goal Setting/Achieving Goals 
2.  Make Powerful Decisions
3.  Build Support/Work Through Blocks and Barriers

red bulletred bulletRincon, Dory
Instructor, Healthcare Technology
1.  Medical Assisting
2.  Medical Administrative Assisting
3.  Medical Billing

red bulletred bulletRittenhouse, Amanda
Instructor, Health Science Department
1.  Women's Health
2.  Health in General
3.  Older Women' s Issues

red bulletred bulletRobinson, Dr. Mark
Vice Chancellor for Student Development
1.  Conflict Resolution
2.  Academic Motivation
3.  Athletics, all Divisions and Areas
4.  Leadership
5.  Educational Achievement

red bulletred bulletRosenthal, Nadine
Chair, Learning Assistance Center
1.  Preparing for College Success

red bulletred bulletRyan, Tim
Network Manager, ITS Department
1.  New Metropolitan Area Network for all CCSF Campuses ($3.5M project)
2.  New Voice-Over-IP Telephone System at CCSF ($2M project)
3.  Distance Learning Applications at City College of San Francisco
4.  City College of San Francisco Partnership with CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California). They have given the College a "Gigabit or Bust" award.

red bulletred bulletShields, Bill
Chair, Labor & Community Studies Department
1.  U. S. Labor History 
2.  California/San Francisco Labor History
3.  Labor Art and Culture 
4.  Alternate Cultures and Social Change Movements

red bulletred bulletSchwartz, Marvin L.
Instructor, English as a Second Language Department
Instructor, Dispute Resolution and Mediation
1.  Internal Mediation Teams for Workplace Conflict Management
2.  Mediation - How It Can Help Your Business
3.  Mediators - What Do They Do?  How Do They Do It?

red bulletred bulletTeti, Frederick
Instructor, Math Department
1. Mathematical and Scientific Literacy
2. Asimov's Historical Thesis

red bulletred bulletThornton, Kyle
Director, Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program
1.  Radiation Awareness
2.  Health Care Issues
3.  Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care

red bulletred bulletTurks, Victor
Instructor, English as a Second Language Department
1. Home Schooling

red bulletred bulletWall, Ellen
Instructor, English Department
1. The Fall of Icarus: The Story, The Painting, The Poems

red bulletred bulletWilde, John
Instructor, Disabled Student Programs & Services
1.  Life in China
2.  Beijing Today
3.  Change in China
4. How to Become an Author
5. How to Learn a New Language

red bulletred bulletWu, Ana 
Instructor, English as a Second Language
1.  Non-Native English Speaking Teachers: Issues and Strategies for Success in Teaching ESL/EFL
2.  Non-Native English Speaking Teachers: History and Trajectory in Teaching ESL/EFL

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