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Bungalows 209-223


Ocean Campus
50 Phelan Avenue
San Franciscom, CA 94112

Building Description

This group of Bungalows was built in 1969 and are modular buildings located on the north side of campus. Almost all classrooms are usable with exception of room 219.


Bungalow Photo

Accessible Floors

Ground Floor


Public Transit MUNI: 29 Sunset, 49 Van Ness / Mission, 15 Third Street, 36 Teresita, 43 Masonic, J Church, K Ingleside, 54 Felton
BART Destination is the Balboa Station / Station Area Map

BART Accessibility | Muni Accessibility
DP Parking
Nearest DP Parking is located on Judson Avenue just north of the Bungalows. Secondarily, the Cloud Cirle hase next closest DP Parking.

Interior Features


See Classroom Attributes below for further information.



Women's Restrooms


Men's Restrooms


Interior Way-Finding

Ground Floor of Bungalows 209-223

Bungalow maps

DP Parking: d | Path of travel: M | Entrances: d| Elevators: d Women's Restroom: d | Men's Restroom: d


Classroom Information

icon Indicates classroom is rated as accessible
icon Indicates classroom is usable with only minor access deficiencies
icon Indicates that physical barriers prohibit wheelchair access
icon No current data available

Room Classroom Accessibility Description Room Usage Designation
214 This classroom has been rated as usable Music Lab
219 This classroom is not wheelchair accessible. Please contact DSPS for classroom reassignment Business Lab
220 This classroom has been rated as usable Business Classroom
221 This classroom has been rated as usable Math Classroom
222 This classroom has been rated as usable Theatre Arts Drama Classroom