Credit Course Outlines


ACCT         Accounting                                                                                             

ADMJ          Administration of Justice

AFAM           African American Studies               

AIRC              Aircraft Maintenance Technology   

AMSL             American Sign Language  

ANAT              Anatomy

ANTH              Anthropology

ARCH              Architecture

ART                 Art

ASAM            Asian American Studies

ASIA             Asian Studies

ASTR           Astronomy         

AUTO        Automotive Technology


BCST         Broadcast Electronic Media Arts  

BIO              Biology

BOT               Botany

BSEN            Business English

BSMA         Business Mathematics

BTEC        Biotechnology


CAD          Computer Aided Drafting

CASC          Consumer Arts and Sciences

CAHS           Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies   

CDEV            Child Development and Family Studies

CHEM           Chemistry

CHIN              Chinese

CLAS             Classic

CLW              Commercial Law

CNIT            Computer Networking and Information Technology

CS                Computer Science

CVT           Cardiovascular Technology


DENT       Dental Assisting

DLT             Dental Laboratory Technology

DMI             Diagnostic Medical Imaging

DSGN         Design

DSPS        Disabled Students Programs and Services