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We maintain copies of Course Outlines of Record for Credit and Noncredit Courses, and Not-for-Credit Offerings. See the Curriculum Committee Web Site for information about creating new courses or revising existing courses.


Noncredit Course Outlines: AAPS-HOEC | INTR-WOPR

Not-for-Credit Offerings: INTI

Contact the Dean of Curriculum for questions about accessing these outlines.

Certificate and Degree Programs and State Paperwork

Departments creating a new Major or credit Certificate of Achievement will need to complete an application for submission to the System Office. The required application varies, depending on the proposed program and other similar programs the department may already have. Departments are encouraged to contact the Dean of Curriculum early in the program development process.

Type of Certificate or Degree Program Applications and Templates Guidance
New Credit Program 18+ units, and you don't have similar state-approved certificates or degrees Application for Approval - New Credit Program | Template Guidance
New Credit Program 18+ units, but you already have similar state-approved certificates or degrees Substantial Changes to an Approved Credit Program | Template Guidance
Optional approval for 12-18 Unit Certificate Template Guidance

Completion of these applications is not required prior to bringing a new program to the Curriculum Committee for approval. However, departments should review the requirements and discuss with the Dean of Curriculum early in the development process to avoid unnecessary revisions.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is City College's Shared Governance committee charged with the responsibility of reviewing and approving curriculum. The Curriculum Committee's web site has details on meetings, forms, templates, and other important curricular information.


In addition to maintaining the online catalog, we have the current and several archived catalogs in PDF format: