Students must use the ADD/DROP process to enroll in class after the admissions application and regular registration deadlines.

1.       Attend the class you want to ENROLL/ADD at the first class meeting. The instructor will inform you if he/she is accepting ADDS into his/her class.  The instructor will have you sign the ADD sheet before giving you an ADD Sticker, if you are accepted into the class. 

2.       The ADD Sticker contains a four-digit ADD CODE which is necessary for you to register via the web or in-person once the semester begins. 

3.   New and Readmit Students (students who have not enrolled for one semester or more) must complete and submit a new Admissions Application if you have not already done so.
Go to:   Allow 24 hours for processing on-line applications and 72 hours for paper applications before attempting to register via WebStars (online) or In-person in Smith Hall, Room 118. 

4.       To DROP, you do not need the instructor’s consent.  DROP by web or in-person. 

5.       Students adding a class after the last day to ADD must file a “Petition to ADD a Class Late” form.  These packets are available in Admissions and Records, Conlan Hall, Room 107 and the Registration Center, Smith Hall, Room 118.

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