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Vincent Armstrong

Vince Armstrong's StatueVincent Armstrong

If Vincent Armstrong ran into some of his old buddies from Torrance High School, he’s pretty sure they would never believe that he is a top El Camino College graduate and headed to UC Berkeley. He’s not entirely sure he believes it himself.

“In high school I was definitely not the best student—I would not have been able to attend a four-year school at that time,” said Armstrong, an honors student who will study history at Berkeley, with a goal of pursing further degrees after completing his undergraduate work.

“I came to ECC a more mature student with the goal of transferring to a four year school. I was met by awesome faculty members that were determined to help me succeed.”

Armstrong, a member of the Honors Transfer Program (HTP), will join several classmates at the University of California at Berkeley in the fall, following an outstanding academic career at El Camino College.

“The truly great thing is that El Camino College provided me with amazing and supportive professors that are all very knowledgeable in their disciplines,” said Armstrong, who was the ASO director of academic affairs, a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma honors society and a student Ambassador.

“ECC also offers many great programs that encourage student success.”