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Van Pham

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My name is Van Pham. I came from Vietnam. It has been one year and three months since enrolling as a level 4 ESL student at Continuing Education's North City ESL program at Miramar College Campus. I enjoyed learning from teachers who use multiple techniques to help me to develop my language skills. Moreover, I realized that my teachers and classmates eagerly wanted to communicate with me in English. We were students from different countries, colors, and backgrounds, but we all spoke English to each other. My English improved a lot when I moved up to level 7. My dream is to get a college degree in social work; it is my deepest passion to continue to help people as I used to do in my country. When I took the English placement test at Miramar College, I was so happy to know that I placed in English 101 Honors! I have lived up to my teacher and counselor's expectations! I am overwhelmed with joy to see others' faith in me. It doesn't seem really hard to keep my head above water as before. Now, everything is promising at the threshold of my future life. I believe in myself. I will succeed. I promise. That’s the only way for me to show my deepest gratitude to my teachers and mentors.