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Ugoeze Nwonkedi

Ugoeze Nwonkedi Statue FrontUgoeze Nwonkedi Statue BackUgoeze Nwonkedi

Ugoeze Nwonkedi is an El Camino College biology major who will transfer to UC Berkeley this fall – she has been awarded the UC Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship which covers most of her financial need for all her undergraduate studies.

"I have been privileged to have had some of the finest teachers here at ECC, like Dr. Shankweiler, Dr. Palos, Dr. Tontcheva, just to name a few,” said Nwonkedi, who graduated from Leuzinger High School and also attended high school in her native Nigeria.

“The professors are very knowledgeable and present the material in a way that is relatable to students and enables them to succeed in the course. I think one of my biggest challenges was getting used to the new academic environment and time management. It is no longer high school where the teachers are always after you to keep up with the work. I felt I really had to grow up and be mature and responsible with my academic life and I feel it really pushed me to the level I am at now.”