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Troy Carter

Troy Carter's StatueTroy Carter

My name is Troy Carter and I'm originally from a small farming town in Montana. When I was 19, I decided to join the U.S. Army. I saw it as the only way I could afford a college education. Long story short, near the end of my extended-enlistment, I started to plan my future. What college was I going to attend? How much was it all going to cost? I realized that the G.I. Bill wasn't going to provide enough for me to go to a high-cost university. I was going to have to make that money go the distance. Knowing I couldn't just speed through college because of my sub-standard math skills, I needed a school that was willing to retrain me and not impose overwhelming financial barriers. After a long conversation with a friend from California, I chose American River College as my new home. I moved to Sacramento immediately after my discharge and started school. Over time I learned that I wasn't alone. The California Community College System is a haven for over 16,000 veterans just like me and provides the structure and community I need. That's why I choose to oppose the Governors proposed budget cuts. I want this education system to maintain its ability to serve our citizens.