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Ralf Peeks

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My initial impulse to attend one of the classes on the SDCCD North City Campus was given by an advertisement for free classes in the ComputorEdge magazine. A description for a Final Cut Pro course caught my attention and led me to take various IT and multimedia classes in December 2006 and January 2007.

It was very exciting to see that such a wealth of information is offered for free and after visiting classes for a couple of weeks, it became apparent that not only were the class subjects on the cutting edge, but also the quality of instruction was on a very high level. In fact for most of the classes I took, the level of teaching was among the highest I have experienced and instructors were constantly referring to real world scenarios they were experiencing in projects, even for more theoretical problems.

While taking evening classes, I also became aware of the Web Server Maintenance and Security Certificate Program (WSMSCP) by reading the information handouts on campus. Since a newly created mid-term entry point for that nine-month program was right around the corner, I signed up for the mandatory orientation session and also asked other students about that program.

While definitely having a technical focus, the WSMSCP is not only geared towards providing technical skills. It goes hand in hand with a series of informational events which helped me in better understanding the job market in San Diego. Development of soft skills is also a point that is frequently referenced and many informational materials that describe current changes in the work environment were presented and provided for self study.

The instructors on the North City Campus also made frequent cross-references to other classes that provide related information, for example technical classes like the ASP.NET course, the content management series, but also classes that provide a higher level approach like the project management series.

Currently, I am employed with a provider of electronics solutions. I enjoy my work very much and it is exactly what I had in mind when I decided to become more involved with web servers and web applications. In my opinion, this success can be attributed in large part to the fast paced, full-spectrum approach of the WSMSCP in combination with the quality of teaching and the synergies that are in place at the North City Campus.