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Norma Ledesma

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My name is Norma Ledesma and I started my first English class called CBET at Kimbrough Elementary school in 2001. I learned my basic skills in English. Later on, I began to study Oxford picture dictionary and that helped me enormously. Also, I contributed to the CBET Program by tutoring and reading to children who were also English language learners. After that, my teacher Barbara Pongsrikul motivated me to move to the next level at Cesar Chavez Center for Education and Technology.

I took ESL level 5 at Cesar Chavez with teacher Wendy Rader. At the same time, I completed different software programs. For example, Pronunciation Power 1, Side by Side 2A, 2B, English for All and Diascriptive Reading II, III, IV. I began to understand, read, write, and speak the language. As a result, I felt more confident to give an appropriate response in a conversation face to face. Moreover, my teacher Wendy Rader encouraged me to move to my own level.

I moved to Center City and took a TOEFL class, but it was difficult for me. I stopped going to class for a long time because I had a transportation problem. Later I ended up at ECC, Educational Cultural Complex in Level 6 with teacher Beth Boggage. She helped me to improve my English skills. For example, I created and presented short oral presentations a few times. I learned how to use the internet to search for information about different topics that the teacher designed. Furthermore, my teacher Beth Boggage encouraged me to take GED classes in English.

I’m currently a GED student with Gary Gleckman. This class is quite important for me because I’m learning reading comprehension, brushing up on my math skills and improving my writing. I have taken and passed some of the tests already. At the end of the spring 2008 semester, I hope to finish them and obtain my high school diploma. I would not be this far without my former teachers and the courage that I have to keep going with my education as far as can be possible.