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Marlene Christine Hurd

Marlene Hurd - Front of StatueMarlene Hurd - Back of StatueMarlene Hurd

This month on May 29, 2008 I will graduate from Laney College as a Public Policy major. I have so much to be thankful for. We never know what’s inside of us until life’s circumstances causes us to change. When I graduated from high school in 1971 I entered the doors of Laney College. During this time I did not realize the value of obtaining an education. In 1972 I dropped out.

After suffering an injury to my vocal cords on my job I could no longer speak. I was forced out into retirement. I was saddened by this because I was a corporate trainer who taught employees, businesses, supervisors, and managers how to use our computer systems. I enjoyed teaching. I felt that losing my voice would not allow me to teach again. I became bitter at the loss of this awesome opportunity.

In 2003 with the help of financial aid, student support services and the Department of Rehabilitation I started down a new path of discovering my purpose in life at the Peralta Colleges. Returning to school was not easy for me after working in the corporate world for 19 years. I had to learn all over again. Yes, I struggled. Daily I saw the need to be educated. Because of financial aid I continued down my educational path. Thank you for providing funding to students like myself. Without it I would not have discover my purpose in life. Look what you did for me re-entering back to Community College.

  • Elected to Peralta Community Colleges Board of Trustees (student trustee)
  • Deans list of Honor Students three straight semesters
  • Founder, Peralta Community Colleges Alumni Association
  • Chancellor Trophy Scholarship Award
  • 2008 Accepted into Mills College. Awarded Mills College Dean’s Scholarship
  • 2008 Winner Laney College Faculty Senate Scholarship Award
  • 2008 Winner Laney College Peralta Association of African American Affairs Scholarship Award
  • Featured in the Los Angeles Times (April 2008), and the list continues.