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Maria G. Gordillo

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The VESL program had helped me to get to the next step in my education. The VESL program also provided me a large amount of information that I didn’t know.

First of all, VESL helped me with my writing. For example; my writing was terrible, but now that I am taking these courses and they have helped me a lot. In addition, I didn’t have any knowledge about how to write an essay properly. Now I do. This way I can be ready to take some classes where they require good writing skills.

Second, it has helped me to work as a team, be organized, and be responsible. In my personal experience, I was very shy. That’s why I always tried to avoid working in a team. Now I like to work in a team because it is so fund and not everybody thinks that same way and they give you different ideas.

Third, but not less important, I improved my computer skills. The computer class has helped me a lot with my keyboarding. I used to type only with my index fingers, but now I am getting used to using all my fingers. Also, I used to type at 28 wpm, but now I can type more than 40 wpm. Another thing is that the teachers have been teaching me how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and how to write letters. I didn’t know how to use those very well and now I am getting it.

In conclusion, now I can see big progress and this writing is a very good example of what I am talking about. If I didn’t know about this program, I would still be in the same level and it was going to take me longer.