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Genaro Torres

Genaro Torres

My name is Genaro Torres. I grew up in Mexico City where I earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Industrial Engineering. I moved to San Diego a year ago and I was shocked when I realized that I could only understand about thirty percent of what I heard in English; obviously, I was not able to have a simple conversation. I had taken some English classes when I was in college, but studying English was completely different from being able to use it correctly and fluently with native English speakers.

I discovered the ESL classes in North City-LVPC campus, and they were the most amazing English classes that I had ever taken in my life. After enrolling in the ESL Advanced High 6-7 class, I was able to have a fluent conversation within a few weeks! Then I met the ESL counselor who encouraged me to join and volunteer for professional organizations to create a network which would help me grow professionally in this country. She also referred me to Continuing Education's ESL Transfer Academy at the ECC campus. Joining that class gave me a better understanding of the U.S. work culture and existing career opportunities.

Recently, I founded my own consulting company. I provide organizational and operational consulting services to Mexican and American companies in San Diego. The ESL classes gave me the necessary tools to communicate my ideas in English, and I am now a bilingual professional!

In sum, I am very impressed with the instructors and counselors that I worked with. They demonstrated great skills, and were completely committed to helping their students succeed. I feel grateful for having been part of SDCCD Continuing Education's ESL program.