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Gary McCullah

Gary McCullah

I come from nearly 30 years experience in computers, starting in computer maintenance then moving into programming and systems development. The path gave me excellent exposure to systems structure and design but also kept me focused in the mainframe large database environment while the world was going to client/servers and a network environment. The Web Server Maintenance and Security Course and other Continuing Education courses helped me bridge the "generation gap" between the disciplines.

The courses I took through the summer of 2004 and the Web Server Maintenance and Security Course I took from Sept. 2004 thru June 2005 provided me an excellent insight into the Windows environment. Being a long-time mainframe programmer, my skills in the Windows/Networking world were very light. The Web server course provided me the tools and insight to pursue a Microsoft Certification program. I tested and received a Microsoft Certification in XP. This accomplishment alone gave me confidence and opened many doors that previously remained closed. My resume began to appear as if I had joined the 21st century.

The course work is primarily what gave me the confidence to attempt the certification program. The material was covered in a complete, concise manner and the hands-on experience was invaluable. It's one thing to study the theory of a subject and quite another to be the one 'pointing and clicking' the various processes and problems that can arise in the real world.

If someone else were to take the same courses, my recommendation would be to get in and enjoy as much hands-on experience as you can. The instructors are excellent and come more from the real-world environment than the classroom, everything-works-right-the-first-time environment, much more enlightening and rewarding experience than pure theory and written exams.