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Diana Munoz

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To be honest, City College was not my first choice. Throughout high school, I did what every teacher and counselor told me I had to do to get into Berkeley. I volunteered at my local YMCA to show my good citizen side. I got good grades; I was number 5 in a class of 700 students. I was involved in student government. I did summer programs to show my commitment to my education. I did all of this to prove I was Berkeley material.

When I got into Berkeley I started jumping with joy. But, at the time, I was not yet a legal resident. The lengthy paper work was in process, but I was ready to take advantage of AB540 and pay resident tuition because I had graduated from a California high school. Unfortunately, financial aid was not in my reach. Despite my efforts to apply for scholarships, I was still short on money and loans were not an option because I didn't know how long my paper work was going to take. In what I would describe as one of the most painful decisions I have made in my life, I had to turn down my dream school, the school I worked so hard to get into, Berkeley.

That was when my journey at City College began. And, while City was not my first choice, it has given me much more than I ever imagined, a quality education, from educators who are committed and passionate about what they teach.

  • I'm talking about the retention programs, through which I started getting tutoring for my classes, and am now the one who tutors and mentors.
  • I'm talking about the opportunity to participate in programs like National Institute of Health science scholars program for minority students where I am able to learn research techniques while doing the research and I wish to be an industrial engineer.
  • I’m talking about the mentors I have found at City who have guided and supported me through these last years of my life.
  • And finally, I’m talking about my current position, the opportunity to be the Student Trustee. As a student trustee I have the ability to speak loud and clear, and to listen. I have become more confident about what it is I do and the reasons behind my actions.

Diana MunozI'm really thankful for City for the many resources the college has put at my finger tips. Most importantly, I'm thankful to City because of how much it has helped me grow and learn about myself. I'm no longer doing things because they are going to help me get into Berkeley. I'm not going to deny it does look good on my applications. However, now I do it because I believe in it, because I'm passionate about it. And because I feel it can have a positive impact.

I'm a better student because of CCSF. I'm a better advocate because of CCSF; I'm a better person because of CCSF.