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Chou Hsi Kun

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The VESL program is specially designated for non-native English speakers who adjust to American society for creating his career or studying more in credit classes. No matter which way I choose, VESL really was a great help for me. There is a difference between ESL and VESL because VESL is a good opportunity to learn more skills that I can not obtain in the ESL class. Also, the VESL program has prepared me in so many ways in order that I can overcome some problems that I might face in the near future, especially in credit classes.

Before entering credit classes, I needed to realize something about why I was taking credit classes. What is the credit class? Who am I? In which course am I interested? When do I register? And how do I prepare to go to credit classes? Fortunately, the VESL program provides all the solutions that I can follow. VESL is like a rehearsal where I can become familiar with the future credit classes before I take them. For example: keyboarding, teamwork, understanding personality, how to interview, office presentation, career presentation, English improvement, self-confidence, and responsibility. In addition, advanced speaking and writing are necessary steps for entering credit classes.

In conclusion, the VESL program is really like a special tutor that helps me to complete many projects which I need to know. If I want to take any credit classes, VESL is one of my best choices to prepare before entering college.