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Cammi Kidder

Cammi Kidder Statue FrontCami Kidder Statue BackCammi Kidder

I decided to go to community college because I felt that even though I was making films on my own, I would have more creditability in applying for grants to make my movies, and I would make connections and increased my skill set so that I would be in a position to be hired on other people’s projects.

My course of study has had immediate effects. Prior to taking Professor Stemples screenwriting class, I had no confidence that I could write fiction films. I had only made documentaries until that point. Now I have 2 completed short fiction films and 2 scripts that will be produced in the classes I will be taking in the next 2 semesters. I am inspired to work on 2 feature length fiction scripts that I will be writing this summer.

I also was awarded an internship with The American Pavilion to attend the Festival de Cannes and Marche. My film, Sadie POWER, was screened in the Short Film Corner at Cannes this past May.

I have a 4.0 after two full-time semesters at LACC studying TV and Film Production. My plan is to earn a Certificate in this same discipline next year, and apply to the large films schools such as UCLA and USC for graduate work.