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Antonieta Monroy

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My name is Antonieta Monroy. I have been an Allan Hancock College (AHC) student since the spring of 2001. I began as an English as a Second Language student participating in the CalWORKs program. Although I started taking English classes at the beginning level, my current progress in the college level English class (English 101), as well as in my General Education classes, is proficient. Allan Hancock College has been the cornerstone of my education. The EOPS and CARE programs represent my principle aid resources.

I am a very conscientious and focused student who is determined to succeed. Although I know that the road to make my dreams come true will be a long one, I remain committed to pursuit, and with a scholarship I will do it.

Despite my busy life, I have helped the Catholic Charities by volunteering in the kitchen, sorting and packing food, and attending to people.