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Tell Your Student Success: Participate In The Student Success Stories Project

Our exciting and ambitious community college advocacy project is moving from development to production. The good news is that there is still time for community college supporters from each of our colleges to participate! Whether you are a current student, an alumna or alumnus, an artist, an administrator, or part of a group of community college supporters, or know someone who is, you can get involved in the process of creating life-sized soft sculptures that will literally speak for our students.

These sculptures will travel to the Capitol and around the state throughout the year as tactile and visual reminders of how community colleges have changed and are changing lives.


The State of California is facing a tremendous budget crisis, and we need to make our case as to why the community colleges are a good investment. We believe we can best do that by telling the story of our students—who they are and will be. We hope to keep the doors open for all students who need an affordable, high quality, college education.



Man painting a statue First, we need a high quality digital head shot of each student storyteller. Group photos or full body pictures are too blurry when blown up to life-size for the transfer process.

Second, we need a short written story of how community colleges changed the student's life.

Third, we are including a two-minute recording of each student telling their own story in their own voice. The student will record their story on an electronic module, included with the kit, and can rerecord if necessary.

Fourth, we also want to give the student storyteller, the local college art department, or any sponsoring group the opportunity to paint one or more of our statues. We will send you a kit that includes instructions, a 72" canvas "skin" unstuffed and ready for painting, transfer paper for you to transfer your student's face and story to the statue, and a rigid stand. Your only responsibility is to finish the statue and to return it in time for a designated event.

Fifth, we are not limiting colleges to just one success story because we know there are so many stories to tell.

Sixth, get your art faculty and students involved in turning these stories into beautiful statues.

Seventh, we are creating a tentative calendar, so please send information on any event at which your college or organization would like to feature our students and their stories.

And finally, like all worthy projects, donations are needed and welcomed. Each sculpture's cost is $100 for materials and shipping. Please send your checks made out to the "Student Success Stories Project" to Judy Seto, City College of San Francisco, 50 Phelan Ave., E201A, San Francisco, CA 94112. Any questions can be sent to Leslie Smith.

There is still time to participate. Painters needed.