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          San Francisco Community College District
Construction - Project Labor Agreement

It is the purpose and intent of the parties to this Agreement to make every cooperative effort to achieve the timely, safe, and economical construction of the facilities designated as the Project, to provide the opportunities envisioned by the City College of San Francisco for the residents and businesses in the City to participate in the Project, and to enforce compliance with the established prevailing wages and benefits and working conditions of the craft workers employed on the Project. 
Board of Trustees Authorization to Enter into a Project Labor Agreement
Appendix B - Proposed Project Labor Agreement (1-6-05)
Attachment C - List of Project

Project Labor Agreement - Signed Document
          Plan Room Locations
Plan Rooms List
          Standard Instructions to Bidders
Contractors - View the District's standard Instructions to Bidders below for construction projects for reference only.  Bidders should submit bids according to the Instructions to Bidders in the Project Manual of the Contract Documents for specific projects.
Instructions to Bidders

Bidders will be required to show to the satisfaction of the College that he has the necessary experience in the class of work to be performed, and the ability, equipment and financial resources to perform the work satisfactorily within the time specified.  Since experience and financial qualifications can affect determination of Award of Contract, the bidder is cautioned to make complete and comprehensive presentation of his abilities and resources.  View the Contractor Qualification Statement form below.
Contractor Qualification Statement

          Standard General Conditions
Contractors - View the District's standard General Conditions for construction projects (Non-OCIP).
General Conditions
          Standard Agreement Forms
Construction Agreement Form

Professional Services Agreement Form
Appendix A - Architectural/Engineering Contracts
Appendix B - Architectural/Engineering Contracts
Appendix C - Architectural/Engineering Contracts
          Construction Contracts Under $15,000
Construction projects under $15,000 are informally bid.
Information to Bidders and Bid Form for Construction Contracts less than $15,000
          Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Every California employer must establish, implement and maintain a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program and a copy must be maintained at each workplace or at a central work site if the employer has non-fixed work sites.  Examples of an IIPP may be found at the Cal OSHA web site at

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