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Technical Review


The purpose of Technical Review is to review course outline, certificate and degree proposal drafts prior to submission for committee action, in an effort to eliminate many common problems that cause delays in obtaining final proposal approval.

Technical Review does not evaluate the merits of a proposal -- that remains the purview of the Curriculum Committee. Technical Review will examine the following:

  1. Course outline conformance with the standard outline template (completeness, enumeration, format, pagination).
  2. Course numbering and title conformance to handbook guidelines.
  3. Interdepartmental subject matter overlap.
  4. Use of acceptable category captions and responses in all course specifics sub-sections.
  5. Catalog description, course major learning outcomes, course contents and instructional methodology conformance to handbook guidelines.
  6. Review of proposed requested Curriculum Committee action(s)

Completion of technical review is not a guarantee of Curriculum Committee approval of a  proposal.

Submitting for Technical Review