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Best Practices: Rearranging Outline Content

Microsoft Word’s ability to maintain an outline is a key feature of these outline templates. It can, however, be tricky to work with. Here are some best practices, which are also illustrated in this video:

  • Work with entire lines. It is best to have an entire line (or lines) selected before cutting and pasting or changing the outline level of an item. If you move your mouse pointer to the left margin of your document, you'll notice that the mouse pointer changes shape to an arrow that is pointed up and to the right. Clicking now will select an entire line of text. You can drag while the mouse pointer has this shape to select a set of lines.
  • Cutting and pasting. If you need to rearrange the items in your outline, select the ones you wish to move (selecting the entire line as discussed above), then use Edit, Cut to cut those lines. Move your insertion point (the blinking vertical line) to the location where you wish to insert your items, then choose Edit, Paste to paste them in.