May 13th 3:30-4:30 pm Pierre Coste Room

(Tom Boegel will serve as the MC)

  1. SLO/CQI end of the semester wrap up comments (Katryn Wiese - 10 min)
      Purpose: To share what was experimented with this semester and the results as well as where we go from here.
  2. A brief report on the recent campus emergency drill experience (Chief Barnes and Dean Clark - 10 min)
      Purpose: To share with the College Council members what took place last week, what we learned from it and how we intend to adjust in the future.
  3. Department Chairs end of the semester comments, issues, suggestions, needs, etc. (President Alioto - 10 min)
      Purpose: For the College Council community as a whole to be aware of some of the critical operational and functional issues from the department chairs' perspectives.
  4. Chancellor's semester highlights and what's ahead in the next academic year (Chancellor Griffin - 25 min)
      Purpose: To inform the College Council community about some of the pressing issues for the coming year and how the members can help out in their respective roles.
  5. Announcements (5 min)

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