APRIL 22nd 2:30-4:30 pm Pierre Coste Room

2:30 p.m. Welcome and Review of March Meeting Survey Results

2:40 p.m. Good News from DC (~5 min) (Carmen Lamha)
  • Objective: Share good news and opportunities for community colleges, CTE and STEM after a JSPAC- and NAPE-sponsored trip to D.C
  • Question for College Council members: What is the best way to keep you informed as opportunities come up?
2:45 p.m.Open Source Textbooks (~10 min) (Ryan Vanderpol and Deena Samii) 2:55 p.m. Open College (~15 min) (Chancellor Don Griffin)
  • Objective: Review the logistics and possibilities behind the idea students are promoting of a few Open College workshops over the summer.
  • Question for College Council members: How could each of our departments and programs support and Open College? What are the practical logistics?
  • Document: Open College Proposal
3:10 p.m. Update on CCSF District's Donation Campaigns (~5 min) (John Bilmont)
  • Objective: Report on the Save A Class Campaign
  • Question for College Council members: What are the newest ways the College is supporting direct donations to the District?
3:15 p.m. Parcel tax (~15 min) (Leslie Smith)
  • Objective: Introduce the City College community to the idea of a parcel tax.
  • Question for College Council members: Parcel taxes have been the purview of K-12 districts; community colleges are wondering if they need to consider parcel taxes given the state of the State's budget. What do you think?
  • Document: Parcel Tax Review
3:30 p.m. 5-minute break (if on time)
3:35 p.m. Announcement of Upcoming ADA changes that will occur in classrooms over the summer (~5 min) (Lani Battiste)
  • Objective: Ensure that everyone knows what to expect when they return from the summer and why they should keep everything AS FOUND UPON RETURN (to maintain ADA clearances for accessibility) until after October 1, 2010.
  • Question for College Council members: Are you prepared to support these non-permanent changes (such as seating rearrangements, or rearrangement of office furniture where applicable)? Are there any obstacles to doing so?
3:40 p.m. Shared Governance System at CCSF (~10 min) (Attila Gabor)
  • Objective: Provide some basic background information on Shared Governance System at CCSF and address questions about the process, especially in regards to our accreditation.
  • Question for College Council members: What are your concerns regarding shared governance and CCSF accreditation?
3:50 p.m. Report on Senate Resolution re: Board's Student Equity Resolution (~5 min) (Karen Saginor)
  • Objective: Report to the College Council members the position of the Academic Senate on this issue
  • Question for College Council members: Do you know how CCSF faculty want the Student Equity work to proceed?
  • Document: Academic Senate Resolution
  • Document: College Council Report
3:55 p.m. Update on Equity Resolution (~20 min) (Chancellor Don Griffin)
  • Objective: Set the stage for how City College plans to address the equity gap over the next year and how we plan to work with the Board of Trustees and the entire City College Community to ensure our efforts are successful.
  • Question for College Council members: How are we each helping to promote success for all our students and close the equity gap?
4:15 p.m. Accreditation (~10 min) (Alice Murillo, Sascha Hutchings, Peter Stoffers)

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