• 2:30 Welcome
  • Chancellorís Introduction (~10 min)
  • Survey results from February meeting (~10 min) (Tom Boegel, Fabio Saniee, Katryn Wiese)
    • Objective: Demonstrate the evaluation part of CQI and closing the loop
    • Question for College Council members: Any questions or concerns about this part of the process (in general)?
    • Document: Survey Results
  • Implementation of GMail for CCSF Students (~15 min) (Doug Re and Marylou Leyba)
    • Objective: Ensure that everyone is aware of and prepared for the upcoming student e-mail shift
    • Question for College Council members: How will this change affect the work you do, and what can you do to prepare?
    • Document: G-mail Notice to Students
    • Document: G-mail Tasks
  • March 22 Bus to Sacramento (~10 min) (Leslie Smith)
    • Objective: Ensure that everyone is aware of and prepared for the March 22 March on the Capitol
    • Question for College Council members: How will you encourage and support your students with this effort?
    • Document: March Flyer
  • Report from CCSF team who attended the SLO workshop at Foothill College on March 5 (~10 min) (Hal Huntsman, Carole Toebe, Ardel Thomas, Bob Davis, Peter Stoffers, Sascha Hutchings)
    • Objective: Share some useful SLO Tips captured by the team at the workshop
  • Review of Data on Student Equity at CCSF (~5 min) (Madeline Mueller)
    • Objective: Share data that show the tremendous and growing achievement gaps the San Francisco Unified School District indicates via exit English and Math scores, as compared to a 10-year scan of CCSF student success rates, both generally and in basic skill courses.
    • Document: SFUSD Academic Achievement Data Sheet
  • Review of Board Resolution on Student Equity (Chancellor Griffin)
    • Objective: Explain the Chancellor's response to the board resolution and the process by which others can make their ideas/suggestions/opinions known.
    • Question for College Council members: How are you going to ensure your voice is heard by those reviewing and discussing this resolution?
    • Document: Draft of Board Resolution
  • Additional business
  • Survey Evaluation (~5 min)

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