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[IMG] mfrc0404.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:06 14K [IMG] mfrc0504.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:06 16K [IMG] mfrc0904.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:06 24K [IMG] mfrc1004.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:06 17K [IMG] mfrc1104.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:06 18K [IMG] mfrc1204.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:06 15K [IMG] mfrc0205.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:12 16K [IMG] mfrc0305.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:12 17K [IMG] mfrc0405.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:17 17K [IMG] mfrc0505.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:18 16K [IMG] mfrc0805.pdf 17-Oct-2005 15:20 10K [IMG] mfrc1103.pdf 17-Oct-2005 16:21 21K [IMG] afrc1105.pdf 08-Nov-2005 16:20 11K [IMG] mfrc0905s.pdf 08-Nov-2005 16:20 15K [IMG] mfrc0206.pdf 16-Mar-2006 09:55 21K [IMG] mfrc1105.pdf 16-Mar-2006 09:55 19K [IMG] mfrc1205.pdf 16-Mar-2006 09:55 21K [IMG] mfrc042506.pdf 06-Feb-2007 12:16 62K [IMG] mfrc110106.pdf 06-Feb-2007 12:16 60K [IMG] mfrc051706.pdf 06-Feb-2007 12:16 79K [IMG] mfrc092006.pdf 06-Feb-2007 12:16 75K [IMG] mfrc0906.pdf 06-Feb-2007 12:16 100K [IMG] mfrc083006.pdf 06-Feb-2007 12:16 53K [IMG] afrc0207.pdf 09-Feb-2007 12:00 63K [IMG] afrc0307.pdf 21-Mar-2007 10:32 58K [IMG] mfrc0207.pdf 22-Mar-2007 12:12 61K [IMG] mfrc0307.pdf 05-Jul-2007 11:27 30K [IMG] mfrc0507.pdf 25-Sep-2007 13:14 15K [IMG] mfrc0407.pdf 25-Sep-2007 13:14 16K [IMG] mfrc1007.pdf 27-Nov-2007 14:54 17K [IMG] mfrc0907.pdf 27-Nov-2007 14:54 20K [IMG] mfrc1207.pdf 06-Feb-2008 10:24 22K [IMG] mfrc1107.pdf 06-Feb-2008 10:24 133K [IMG] mfrc1307.pdf 06-Feb-2008 10:24 21K [IMG] mfrc0108.pdf 25-Feb-2009 16:57 19K [IMG] mfrc0208.pdf 25-Feb-2009 16:57 45K [IMG] mfrc0408.pdf 25-Feb-2009 16:57 39K [IMG] mfrc0508.pdf 25-Feb-2009 16:57 47K [IMG] mfrc0908.pdf 25-Feb-2009 16:57 23K [IMG] mfrc1208.pdf 25-Feb-2009 16:57 17K [IMG] mfrc0109.pdf 30-Mar-2009 11:45 18K [IMG] mfrc0209.pdf 30-Mar-2009 11:45 18K [IMG] mfrc0229.pdf 30-Mar-2009 11:45 17K [IMG] Addendum 3.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 200K [IMG] BidInvitation_040909.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 103K [IMG] BidInvitation_041409.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 108K [IMG] BidInvitation_041509.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 116K [IMG] BidInvitation_041609.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 116K [IMG] CCSF Soccer Field Geo Report 11-14-08_2.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 5.9M [IMG] CCSF Soccer Field Sup. Geo Report 4-3-09_2.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 374K [IMG] CCSF Sports Turf Addendum_1.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 118K [IMG] Invitation to Bid Practice Field Project.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 25K [IMG] InvitationforBid-PracticeSoccerField.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 18K [IMG] Practice Field Addendum 2.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 73K [IMG] Practice Field Pre Bid Conf Mtg Minutes.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 168K [IMG] Practice Field Pre Bid Mtg Attendance List.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 90K [IMG] Practice Field Proj Addendum 1.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 108K [IMG] Practice Field Proj Addendum No 1.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 114K [IMG] Pre-Bid MtgMinutes_052809.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 169K [IMG] Addendum_4.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 70K [IMG] Field Turf Bid Invitation 6 4 09.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 107K [IMG] Invitation to Bid Practice Field Project Rev 4 16 09.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 28K [IMG] Practice Field Proj Addendum 2 Drawings.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 1.7M [IMG] Practice Field Proj Bid Tabulation.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 709K [IMG] Practice Field Sports Turf Bid Tabulation.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 20K [IMG] Practice Field Turf Proj Bids Received 6 4 09.pdf 28-Nov-2011 16:40 22K [IMG] Bid 173 Welding Booths Venting.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 35K [IMG] Bid Tabulation Form ADA Upgrade Proj Science Hall Storefront Repl.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 10K [IMG] Invitation for Bid ADA Upgrade Batmale Nov 10 2009.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 24K [IMG] Invitation for Bid ADA Upgrades Science Nov 9 2009.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 25K [IMG] Invitation for Bid Science Hall Storefront Repl.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 25K [IMG] Invitation to Bid Small Bldg Demo Proj.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 58K [IMG] Pre Bid Sign in Sheet Science Hall Storefront Replacement.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 769K [IMG] chain link fence modifications.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 680K [IMG] Ocean Campus Chain Link Fence and Asphalt Repair_Bid Results.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 79K [IMG] chain link fence.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 727K [IMG] paving repairs.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 750K [IMG] Practice Field Blocking Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 29K [IMG] Practice Field Blocking_Bid Form 3-11-13.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:46 2.5M [IMG] amsLetterChinatown.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 103K [IMG] Appendix A1 Comments Letters 1-51.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 16M [IMG] CCSF Chinatown North Beach Campus EIR May 16 2007.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 6.7M [IMG] CH NB Appendix A2 Forms and Letters.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 2.5M [IMG] CH NB Appendix A2 Forms and Letters_Revd.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 2.6M [IMG] CH NB Appendix A3 Transcript.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 344K [IMG] CH NB Appendix B Planning Comm Info Mtg Presentation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 16M [IMG] CHINATOWN CAMPUS 1998 APPENDICES.PDF 04-Jun-2014 12:47 17M [IMG] CHINATOWN CAMPUS 1998 C&R.PDF 04-Jun-2014 12:47 5.8M [IMG] Chinatown North Beach C and R Sept 2007 jh.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 3.3M [IMG] Comments and Responses Errata.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 599K [IMG] December_11_2006_Community_Hearing.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 87K [IMG] Design Review Committee meeting of July 8.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 68K [IMG] LETTER.PDF 04-Jun-2014 12:47 17K [IMG] NOTICE_OF_PREPARATION.PDF 04-Jun-2014 12:47 43K [IMG] RFP for Community Monitor CNB.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 49K [IMG] special_mtg_dec_6_2006.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 9.3K [IMG] Five Year Plan Priority List 2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 83K [IMG] HazMat 1999-2000 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 48K [IMG] HazMat 2000-01 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 53K [IMG] HazMat 2001-02 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 49K [IMG] HazMat 2003-04 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 51K [IMG] Scheduled Maintenance 1998-99 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 58K [IMG] Scheduled Maintenance 2001-02 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 65K [IMG] Scheduled Maintencance 1999-2000 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 55K [IMG] Scheduled Maintencance 2000-01 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 60K [IMG] Scheduled Maintencance 2002-03 Proposal.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 53K [IMG] PLA Final Jan_6_2005.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 204K [IMG] A-E Contract Appendix A.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 86K [IMG] A-E Contract Appendix B.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 121K [IMG] A-E Contract Appendix C.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 102K [IMG] Agreement for Professional Services 1-2005.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 579K [IMG] CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT FORM.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 128K [IMG] Contractors Qualification Statement 5-2003.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 66K [IMG] General Conditions 10-2004 - Non OCIP.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 393K [IMG] Instructions to Bidders 5-10-04.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:47 122K [IMG] Proj Labor Agmt Attachment C List of Projects.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 14M [IMG] Project Labor Agmt.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 1.5M [IMG] S5.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 143K [IMG] Architectural Services RFP079 Addendum Questions-1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 247K [IMG] Architectural Services RFP079 Final-1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 605K [IMG] Car Share RFP Final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 206K [IMG] RFP 087 Inspector of Record_Final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 164K [IMG] Revised Brokerage Services RFP -- 012110 Comments.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 328K [IMG] RFP 051 PAC-CommunityMonitor_FINAL.docx 04-Jun-2014 12:48 110K [IMG] RFP 051 PAC-CommunityMonitor_FINAL.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 506K [IMG] AD RFP-IOR Services.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] AD RFP-IORSpecTesting-Final-R2.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] AD RFP-Test Insp Services.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] ANNOUNCEMENT-PAC IOR.docx 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] ANNOUNCEMENT-PAC IOR.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] ANNOUNCEMENT-PAC TESTING.docx 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] ANNOUNCEMENT-PAC TESTING.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] Information Meeting Sign In 11-17-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 295K [IMG] IOR RFP-Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 307K [IMG] IOR RFP-Addendum 2.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 28K [IMG] IOR RFP-Addendum 3.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 28K [IMG] Information Meeting Sign In 12-01-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 172K [IMG] Mtg Minutes - Dec-1-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 203K [IMG] Mtg Minutes - Nov-17-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 315K [IMG] PAC-IOR_RFP-11092011-FIN-R1.doc 04-Jun-2014 12:48 114K [IMG] PAC-IOR_RFP-11092011-FIN-R1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 490K [IMG] PAC-TestInspt_RFP-11092011-FIN_R-1.doc 04-Jun-2014 12:48 115K [IMG] PAC-TestInspt_RFP-11092011-FIN_R-1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 490K [IMG] SLBE Rules Regs and Reqs Final 11-9-2011.docx 04-Jun-2014 12:48 74K [IMG] SLBE Rules Regs and Reqs Final 11-9-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 411K [IMG] Spec Testing Inspection-Addendum 1_R.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 307K [IMG] Spec Testing Inspection-Addendum 2.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 28K [IMG] Spec Testing RFP-Addendum 3.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 28K [IMG] Spec Testing RFP-Addendum 4.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 28K [IMG] 2009-03-09-CNB-Schedule Overview~DRAFT.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 288K [IMG] Bid 046 Restaurant cooking equipment.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 20K [IMG] RFP 006 JAD_Joint Use Com. Monitor Recap for Website.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 52K [IMG] RFQ 029 AOR and DSA Closeout Services August 2013_1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 149K [IMG] RFQ Bid 100 Light Poles w Alt.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 48K [IMG] RFQ Bid 101 Lighting Fixtures w Alt.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 54K [IMG] RFQ CHNB IOR_Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 214K [IMG] RFQ CHNB Project Inspection March 2009_V1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 613K [IMG] RFQ CHNB SI Testing_Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 233K [IMG] RFQ CHNB Special Inspection and Testing March 2009_V1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 601K [IMG] RFQuals035 for College Fixtures Furniture & Equipment.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 74K [IMG] 120703 Distribution List.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 15K [IMG] 120829-CCSF-PAC-bid-tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 79K [IMG] ADD04-CCSF-PAC-final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 750K [IMG] PAC Add 01.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 6.8M [IMG] PAC Add 02.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 186K [IMG] PAC Bid Opening Sign In Sheet.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 74K [IMG] PAC announcement revised 20111209.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 12K [IMG] PAC CM_GC DOC 00 5051 Notice of Intent to Award.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 5.6K [IMG] PAC GM GC Pre-Bid Conf Sign In 7-25-2012.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 523K [IMG] Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for PAC_R1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 281K [IMG] To-Be Published Form of SFCCDPerforming Arts Center CM_GC DOCUMENT 00 1001 NOTICE INVITING BIDS.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 19K [IMG] add10-CCSF-PAC.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 118K [IMG] add11-CCSF-PAC-final-compiled.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 367K [IMG] 400943005 R Geo Eval1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 15M [IMG] 400943007 GVR final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 732K [IMG] 400943007 reservoir LVR.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 643K [IMG] add03 CCSF PAC final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 278K [IMG] ADD05 CCSF PAC.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 8.2M [IMG] add06 CCSF PAC.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 16K [IMG] ADD08 CCSF-PAC.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 292K [IMG] add09-CCSF-PAC_final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 21K [IMG] CCSF Certification Application SBE-SLBE Revised 04-15-09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 70K [IMG] CCSF certification application SBE & SLBE_DSIAI_12-8-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 178K [IMG] CCSF certification application SBE & SLBE_DSIAI_12-8-2011_R1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 178K [IMG] CCSF certification renewal_DSIAI_12-8-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 149K [IMG] FORM 6 Page 1 of 2.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 128K [IMG] Outreach_Meeting.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 227K [IMG] SBE Program Brochure 062507.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 53K [IMG] SBE Program.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 473K [IMG] SBE Rules Regs and Reqs Final 5-2013.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 194K [IMG] SBE_Certification.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 37K [IMG] SBE_Recertification.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 95K [IMG] SLBE Policy.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 299K [IMG] SLBE_Database.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 67K [IMG] CCSF certification application_Nov2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 43K [IMG] CCSF certification renewal_Nov2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 46K [IMG] SBE Rules Regs and Reqs Final 11-9-2011.docx 04-Jun-2014 12:48 68K [IMG] SBE Rules Regs and Reqs Final 11-9-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:48 440K [IMG] SBE Rules Regs and Reqs Revised 5 05 2009.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:49 513K [IMG] SLBE Rules Regs and Reqs Revised 5 05 2009.pdf 04-Jun-2014 12:49 499K [IMG] JAD EIR Addendum 12.pdf 04-Jun-2014 15:11 1.3M [IMG] Plan Rooms-Distribution List_Updated August 2008.pdf 04-Jun-2014 15:12 12K [IMG] Plan Rooms-Distribution List_Updated May 2013.pdf 04-Jun-2014 15:12 14K [IMG] Plan Rooms-Distribution List_Updated Nov 2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 15:12 27K [IMG] Prebid questions Additions as of Oct. 10 for AC unit_1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 15:12 50K [IMG] RFP 001 FOR SLBE OUTREACH ADMINISTRATION.DOC 04-Jun-2014 15:12 91K [IMG] RFP 006 FOR COMMUNITY MONITOR JAD_JOINT USE W ANNOUNCEMENT.DOC 04-Jun-2014 15:12 83K [IMG] RFQ Mgm. of Capital Program Addendum 8.pdf 04-Jun-2014 15:12 11K [IMG] 2010 0519 CCSF Preliminary Bid Tab - Science Steps.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 5.8K [IMG] 2010 0521 CCSF ADA Sci Steps Notice of Intent.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 86K [IMG] ADA Upgr Addendum 1 Alemany Campus.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 1.3M [IMG] ADA Upgr Addendum 1 Barrier Ocean Campus .pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 11K [IMG] ADA Upgr Addendum 1 Smith Statler Cloud.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 1.2M [IMG] ADA Upgr Addendum-02 Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 803K [IMG] ADA Upgrade Alemany Campus.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 62K [IMG] ADA Upgrade Ocean Campus.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 92K [IMG] ADDENDUM 1 Sketches.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 1.3M [IMG] ADDENDUM_1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 2.9M [IMG] Batmale Hall Phase II Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 519K [IMG] Batmale Hall Phase II Prebid Agenda and Sign in Sht.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 201K [IMG] Bid Tab - VAAEHort II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 7.5K [IMG] Bid Tab Science Hall Phase II Updated.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 58K [IMG] Bid Tab V Arts Arts Ext Hort Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 44K [IMG] Bid Tabulation Alemany Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 64K [IMG] Bid Tabulation Batmale Hall Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 68K [IMG] Bid Tabulation Smith Statler Cloud ADA Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 61K [IMG] Bid Tabulation Visual Art Art Extension Hort. Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 46K [IMG] C - Invitation for Bid - Science Steps FINAL.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 16K [IMG] CCSF ADA Science Steps - Pre-Bid Attendees 2010 0506.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 222K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tab - Science Hall Phase II r1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 51K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tab FINAL - Science Steps.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 6.7K [IMG] Invitation for Bid Science 11 09 09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 25K [IMG] Invitation for Bid - Alemany Nov 11 2009.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 25K [IMG] Invitation for Bid - Arts,Arts Ext, HorPh2 1229.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 26K [IMG] Invitation for Bid - Smith-Student-CLoud.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 25K [IMG] Invitation for Bid Batmale 11 10 09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 24K [IMG] Notice Of Intent to award for construction.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 18K [IMG] Notice of Intent to Award ADA Batmale.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 16K [IMG] Notice of Intent to Award ADA Science Hall.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 16K [IMG] Notice of Intent to Award Alemany ADA Phase II.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 15K [IMG] Notice of Intent to Award for Construction ADA Smith Statler Cloud.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 16K [IMG] Pre-Bid Job Walk attendee Sign-In new.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 46K [IMG] Conlan ADA Restroom Bid Tabulation First Stage.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 36K [IMG] Science Hall Phase 2 Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 747K [IMG] Science Hall Phase II Prebid Agenda and Sign in Sht.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 395K [IMG] Conlan ADA Restroom Pre-Bid Sign In.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 671K [IMG] Conlan ADA Restrooms Invitation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 719K [IMG] Boiler Room Condensate RFQ 99.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 400K [IMG] Conlan Restroom Upgrade Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:44 763K [IMG] 00 - BID PACKAGE 8.12 GEN LABOR 2 - 12.23.09.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:44 2.3M [IMG] 00 - BID PACKAGE 8.13 GEN LABOR 3 - 12.23.09.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:44 3.2M [IMG] 00 - Bid Package 6.13 Terrazzo 02-08-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 3.5M [IMG] 00 - Bid Package 6.13 Terrazzo 03-24-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 3.6M [IMG] 00 - Bid Package 6.60 Landscape 02-08-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 2.6M [IMG] 00 - Bid Package 7.20 Curb & Gutters 12.21.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 3.3M [IMG] 00 - Bid Package 7.40 Flooring 2-8-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 4.7M [IMG] 00 - Bid Package 7.80 Final Cleaning 12.22.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 2.1M [IMG] 00 - BID PACKAGE 8.15 ELEVATOR OP 12.24.09.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:45 2.3M [IMG] 00 Bid Package 7.40 Misc. Flooring 12.08.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 4.2M [IMG] 00_ Bid Package 6.80 Arch Woodwork 03-24-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 9.0M [IMG] 01 Invitation to Bid - 09-04-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 152K [IMG] 02 Invitation to Bid - 09-10-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 148K [IMG] 03 Invitation to Bid - 09-17-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 151K [IMG] 04 Invitation to Bid - 09-24-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 147K [IMG] 05 Invitation to Bid - 10-08-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 150K [IMG] 06 Invitation to Bid - 10-22-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 152K [IMG] 07 Invitation to Bid - 11-06-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 148K [IMG] 08 Invitation to Bid - 11-20-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 146K [IMG] 09 Invitation to Bid - 11-23-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 149K [IMG] 10 Invitation to Bid - 12-4-09-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 149K [IMG] 11 Invitation to Bid - 01-04-10-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 146K [IMG] 12 Invitation to Bid - 01-21-10-SF_1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 148K [IMG] 13 Invitation to Bid - 03-11-10-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 18K [IMG] 14 Invitation to Bid - 01-21-10-SF.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 18K [IMG] 5.11 Bid Package -CMU -10.28.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 3.1M [IMG] 5.11 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 60K [IMG] 6.10 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 48K [IMG] 6.20 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 46K [IMG] 6.60-landscape-bid-package-final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 9.2M [IMG] 7.20- Bid Package 01.24.11-final.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 12M [IMG] Addendum 1 BP 7.40 Flooring.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 177K [IMG] Addendum 1- BP 6.60 Landscaping.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 17K [IMG] Addendum 2 -BP 6.60- landscaping.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 357K [IMG] Addendum 2 BP 7.20 Curb & Gutter 1-11-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 272K [IMG] Addendum 3 BP 7.20 - Curbs & Gutters .pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 253K [IMG] Addendum 4 - BP 7.20 Curb & Gutters.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 51K [IMG] Addendum 5 BP 7.20 - Curbs, Gutters, sidewalk.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 1.6M [IMG] Addendum No. 1 for BP 3.10 12.24.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 249K [IMG] B.P. 5.12 Building Maintenance Equipment - Addendum 01.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 183K [IMG] B.P. 5.13 Food Service Equipment 10.08.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 2.0M [IMG] B.P. 5.70 Structural Steel and Metal Deck -Addendum 01 .pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 155K [IMG] B.P. 6.13 Terrazo Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 259K [IMG] Bid Pacakge 3.70 Plumbing 09-23-09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:45 4.5M [IMG] Bid Package 3.10 GFRC 12.22.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 2.8M [IMG] Bid Package 3.11 BMS 10.08.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 2.3M [IMG] Bid Package 3.50 Fire Protection 10.09.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 2.3M [IMG] Bid Package 5.12 Building MaintenanceEquipment System 10.29.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 3.1M [IMG] BID PACKAGE 5.14 - PROFESSIONAL SURVEY 09.28.09.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:46 2.1M [IMG] Bid Package 6.10 Ornamental Metal &Miscellaneous Steel 10.28.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 2.7M [IMG] Bid Package 6.20 Lab Casework and Equipment - 12.9.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 3.4M [IMG] Bid Package 6.20 Laboratory Casework and Equipment 10.28.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 3.4M [IMG] BID PACKAGE 8.11 - GENERAL LABOR PHASE I 09.28.09.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:46 2.0M [IMG] BID PACKAGE 8.14 - SECURITY GUARDS 09.28.09.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:46 1.9M [IMG] BP 6.90.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 54K [IMG] BP 7.50.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 53K [IMG] Bid Tab 6.50.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 129K [IMG] Bid Tabulation BP 6.60 2-24-2011.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 78K [IMG] BP 1.10 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 401K [IMG] BP 3.10 Bid Tabulation Form 1.15.10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 14K [IMG] BP 3.10 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 355K [IMG] Bid_100_Light_Poles_w_ Alt.doc 04-Jun-2014 16:46 82K [IMG] Bid_101_Lighting_Fixtures_w_Alt_1.doc 04-Jun-2014 16:46 79K [IMG] BP 3.11 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 530K [IMG] BP 3.20 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 479K [IMG] BP 3.30 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 878K [IMG] BP 3.40 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 608K [IMG] BP 3.40B Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 76K [IMG] BP 3.50 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 706K [IMG] BP 3.60B Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 540K [IMG] BP 3.70 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 555K [IMG] BP 3.80 Bid Tabulation 091119.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 68K [IMG] BP 4.20 - Standard Bid Package 09.28.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 1.6M [IMG] BP 4.20 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 516K [IMG] BP 5.10 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 841K [IMG] BP 5.13B Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 535K [IMG] BP 5.40 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 14K [IMG] BP 5.70 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 927K [IMG] BP 5.70 Structural Steel Bid Package 09.10.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 6.4M [IMG] BP 5.80 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 1.2M [IMG] BP 5.80 Metal Stairs Bid Package 09.29.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 1.7M [IMG] BP 6.11 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 65K [IMG] BP 6.12 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 60K [IMG] BP 6.13 Bid Tab 4-9-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 157K [IMG] BP 6.13 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 46K [IMG] BP 6.20 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 41K [IMG] BP 6.30 Bid Tabulation Form 12.14.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 13K [IMG] BP 6.40 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 32K [IMG] BP 6.80 Arch Woodwork 01-15-10_copy.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 8.4M [IMG] BP 6.80 Bid Tab 4-9-10.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 437K [IMG] BP 6.80 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 77K [IMG] BP 6.80 Pre-bid Attendees List.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 43K [IMG] BP 7.10 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 60K [IMG] BP 7.20 - CURBS, GUTTERS,SIDEWALK - ADDENDUM 01 DOCUMENT 00900.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:46 13K [IMG] BP 7.20 Bid Form Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 403K [IMG] BP 7.20 Curb & Gutter bid tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 446K [IMG] BP 7.40 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 62K [IMG] BP 7.60 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 104K [IMG] BP 7.70 - Window Coverings.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 8.8M [IMG] BP 7.70 Addendum 01 DOCUMENT 00900.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 10K [IMG] BP 7.70 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 61K [IMG] BP 7.80 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 50K [IMG] BP 7.90 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 33K [IMG] BP 8.12 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 47K [IMG] BP 8.13 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 46K [IMG] BP 8.15 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 47K [IMG] CCSF BID TABULATION FORM - BP 5.14 - PROF.SURVEY.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:46 64K [IMG] CCSF BID TABULATION FORM - BP 8.11 - GEN. LABOR.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:46 15K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - BP 2.10_revd.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 72K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - BP 5.12 - Window Washing.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 22K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - BP 6.60-landscape- filled-in.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 19K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - BP 8.14 Security Guards 10.15.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 38K [IMG] CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - BP7.20 - curb-gutter-sidewalk- filled in.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 19K [IMG] CCSF-CNB-Flooring-bid-tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:46 212K [IMG] Document 00900 Addendum No. 1 for BP 7.20.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 360K [IMG] Pre Bid Mtg BP 3.10, 6.20, 7.80, 8.12, 8.13, 8.15.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 66K [IMG] Pre Bid Mtg BP 3.40, 4.20, 5.70, 5.80 10-1-09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 396K [IMG] 3.6 CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - Elevator.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 11K [IMG] Pre Bid Mtg BP 3.70, 3.80.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 1.4M [IMG] Pre Bid Mtg BP 7.7, 7.10, 7.20, 7.60.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 69K [IMG] Pre-Bid Conference Attendees BP 5.11, 5.12, 6.10, 6.20.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 84K [IMG] Pre-Bid Conference Attendees BP 5.14, 8.11, 8.14.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 139K [IMG] Pre-Bid Mtg BP 6.6, 6.13, 7.40 Attendees List.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 55K [IMG] Pre-Bid Mtg BP 6.80, 6.13 re-bid.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 130K [IMG] Tower Crane Addendum 01 DOCUMENT 00900 - 9.22.09.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 13K [IMG] 00205 Invitation to Bid BP 2.1-2.9 & 3.1-3.5.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 137K [IMG] 00205 Invitation to Bid BP 2.1-2.9.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 134K [IMG] BP 2.7 Rebid Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 49K [IMG] BP 3.60 and 2.5A Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 2.3M [IMG] Invitation for Bid Student Union Furnance Repl REV.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 26K [IMG] Invitation for Bids Project 015Server Room AC.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 42K [IMG] BP 2.1 - Addendum 1.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 1.4M [IMG] BP 2.1-2.7 CCSF JUF - Bid Results - 111308.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 11K [IMG] BP 2.8 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 13K [IMG] BP 2.8A - HVAC Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 438K [IMG] BP 2.9 Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 13K [IMG] BP 3.2A Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 58K [IMG] BP 3.2B Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 60K [IMG] BP 3.3 Metal Panels Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 62K [IMG] BP 3.4 Bid Results.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 104K [IMG] BP 3.5 Bid Tabulation.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 73K [IMG] BP 4.1 Finish Carpentry Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 56K [IMG] BP 4.10 Signage Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 57K [IMG] BP 4.11 Audio Visual Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 64K [IMG] BP 4.12 Window Coverings Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 56K [IMG] BP 4.13 Data Comm Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 66K [IMG] BP 4.2 Living Roof Bid Tab.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 56K [IMG] BP 4.4 TILE Bid Tab.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:47 62K [IMG] BP 4.5 ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS Bid Tab.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:47 64K [IMG] BP 4.6 Flooring.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 62K [IMG] BP 4.7 PAINT.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:47 62K [IMG] BP 4.9 Toilet Partitions and Misc. Specialties_091112.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 12K [IMG] BP 5.1A PROGRESS AND FINAL CLEAN.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:47 59K [IMG] BP 5.1B GENERAL LABOR.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:47 60K [IMG] BP 5.2 Hoist.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 87K [IMG] BP 5.4 INTERIOR GLAZING.PDF 04-Jun-2014 16:47 60K [IMG] CNB 3.11 and JU 5.3 CCSF Bid Tabulation Form - 04-21-2009.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 10K [IMG] Invitation to Bid BP 2.5A 2.8A 4.1-4.13.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 142K [IMG] Joint Use BP 4.3.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 22K [IMG] Management of Capital Program draft 4 public version.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 154K [IMG] Management of Capital Program Respondents List.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 243K [IMG] Management of Capital Program Short List.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 239K [IMG] Science - Class Schedule.XLS.pdf 04-Jun-2014 16:47 245K [IMG] Attachment185.pdf 15-Sep-2014 09:53 3.0M [IMG] 185 Attachment.pdf 26-Sep-2014 17:13 3.0M [IMG] Bid34MUBCompIFB.pdf 29-Sep-2014 16:05 22K [IMG] Bid35DoorHardwareIFB.pdf 29-Sep-2014 16:05 169K [IMG] Bid35DoorPreBidAttendees.pdf 29-Sep-2014 16:05 218K [IMG] Bid34 Computer Lab Addendum 1.pdf 06-Oct-2014 15:11 1.2M [IMG] Bid34MUBCompPreBidSignIn.pdf 06-Oct-2014 15:11 251K [IMG] Bid035 Addendum1 100614.pdf 06-Oct-2014 15:55 90K [IMG] Bid34 MUB 255 Bid Tabulation.pdf 09-Oct-2014 15:58 77K [IMG] Bid 35 Door Hardware Bid Tabulation.pdf 10-Oct-2014 15:26 82K [IMG] RFQ 044 Mech Engineer-Prequal-Application.pdf 23-Oct-2014 10:11 511K [IMG] Bid 048 Cafeteria Gate Replacement 10-29-14.pdf 03-Nov-2014 15:53 881K [IMG] Bid 048 Statler Grill Bid Drawings_10-16-14.pdf 03-Nov-2014 15:53 1.9M [IMG] Bid 048 Cafeteria Gate Replacement FINAL.pdf 05-Nov-2014 14:53 873K [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Invitation for Bid.pdf 12-Nov-2014 11:09 22K [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Project Manual.pdf 14-Nov-2014 13:47 10M [IMG] Downtown Roof Replacement Approved Drawings.pdf 14-Nov-2014 13:51 13M [IMG] Bid 125 Reroofing Orfalea Ctr Invitation.pdf 14-Nov-2014 13:56 21K [IMG] Bid Results Orfalea Family Center Roofing.pdf 14-Nov-2014 13:56 449K [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Pre-bid conference attendees.pdf 20-Nov-2014 17:20 231K [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Addendum 1.pdf 20-Nov-2014 17:20 247K [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Addendum 2.pdf 20-Nov-2014 17:20 53K [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Addendum 3.pdf 10-Dec-2014 09:31 2.8M [IMG] Bid 053 Downtown Reroof Addendum 4.pdf 10-Dec-2014 16:08 122K [IMG] Downtown Roof Bid Tabulation.pdf 15-Dec-2014 16:41 81K [IMG] Bid 66 John Adams Center Roof Replacement IFB.pdf 14-Jan-2015 17:07 20K [IMG] Bid 57 JAD Rm 308 Comp Lab Pre-Bid Attendees.pdf 23-Jan-2015 15:37 231K [IMG] Bid 66 Pre-Bid Conference Attendees 1-23-15.pdf 23-Jan-2015 15:37 454K [IMG] JAD 308 Bid Tabulation.pdf 23-Jan-2015 15:37 76K [IMG] JAD Room 308 Computer Lab Invitation.pdf 23-Jan-2015 15:37 28K [IMG] Bid 66 John Adams Addendum 1.pdf 30-Jan-2015 17:09 15M [IMG] Bid 66 John Adams Roof Bid Tabulation.pdf 06-Feb-2015 15:04 81K [IMG] Bid75 Cloud Hall 312 Nursing Computer Lab IFB.pdf 06-Mar-2015 17:09 21K [IMG] Bid75 Cloud 312 Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-In Sheet.pdf 13-Mar-2015 16:27 190K [IMG] 2015-03-04 CPPC Agenda.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 103K [IMG] 2015-03-18 CPPC Agenda.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 104K [IMG] 7 kpi DASHBOARD calc1b-Final Draft.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 129K [IMG] CCSF Facilities Committee - Draft Procedures.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 46K [IMG] CC IPP Report.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 171K [IMG] CC IPP.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 171K [IMG] CCSF 750 Eddy Street - Seismic Analysis_20150217.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 3.3M [IMG] Civic Center IPP.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 87K [IMG] Draft Facilities Master Plan 2-2-2015 with updated dates (2).pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 590K [IMG] CCSF FPP Infrastructure Ocean 8-13-14.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 119K [IMG] CCSF INF FPP approved 2014.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 86K [IMG] CCSF INF IPP 2014.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 170K [IMG] CCSF INF Proj Scenario Summary.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 75K [IMG] Ocean Campus Infrastructure MEP Exhibit 08-13-2014.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 594K [IMG] Utility Infrastructure Costing.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 649K [IMG] UTILITY INFRASTRUCTURE FPP WORKBOOK.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 13M [IMG] 2005 Bond Language.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 94K [IMG] CCSF PerfArtsComp Proj Scenario Summart 2011.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 80K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArts 14D Reversion 12-13-2013.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 90K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArts COP Change Req 2008.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 94K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArts COP Change Req 2009.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 94K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArts JCAF 32 4-1-2009 from 2011-12.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 119K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArts JCAF 32 4-1-2009.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 125K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArts Proj Scenario Summary 2017.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 80K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArtsComp 14D Bid 12-20-11.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 83K [IMG] SFCCD PerfArtsComp Quarterly Report 5-1-12.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:37 95K [IMG] Child Development Center Photos.docx 17-Mar-2015 13:52 2.8M [IMG] Child Development Center Photos.pdf 17-Mar-2015 13:52 884K [IMG] Definitions.pdf 20-Mar-2015 12:04 119K [IMG] Cloud Hall Rm 312 Computer Lab Bid Tabulation.pdf 23-Mar-2015 15:57 76K [IMG] 2015-04-08 CPPC Agenda.pdf 07-Apr-2015 15:05 105K [IMG] RFP 047 Facilities Master Plan 4-3-2015 final.pdf 24-Apr-2015 16:45 475K [IMG] RFP 047 Facilities Master Plan Sign In Sheet.pdf 27-Apr-2015 13:13 231K [IMG] 2015-04-29 CPPC Agenda.pdf 27-Apr-2015 13:43 105K [IMG] RFP 047 Facilities Master Plan Addendum 1.pdf 01-May-2015 15:59 23K [IMG] FCI Report.pdf 07-May-2015 09:47 14K [IMG] RFP 047 Response to RFP Question 2015-5-6.pdf 07-May-2015 09:47 80K [IMG] San Francisco CCD-Building Summary Report 2015-2016.pdf 07-May-2015 09:47 18K [IMG] San Francisco CCD-Room Detail Report 2014-2015.pdf 07-May-2015 09:47 109K [IMG] PROPOSEDCFPCAgenda5.pdf 19-May-2015 12:39 105K [IMG] PROPOSEDCFPCAgenda6.pdf 24-Aug-2015 11:06 105K [IMG] CCSF FMP Proposal.pdf 02-Sep-2015 15:37 7.4M [IMG] City College of San Francisco Facilities Master Plan_reduced.pdf 02-Sep-2015 15:38 11M [IMG] Meeting Materials 9-9-15.pdf 02-Sep-2015 15:38 833K [IMG] PROPOSEDCPPCAgenda7.pdf 02-Sep-2015 15:38 105K [IMG] tBP-SFCCD CCSF FMP-PROPOSAL2015.pdf 02-Sep-2015 15:38 54M [IMG] PROPOSEDCFPCAgenda6 Revd 8-24-15 CANCELED.pdf 04-Sep-2015 11:58 110K [IMG] San Francisco CCD-Five Year Construction Plan 2017-2018.pdf 08-Sep-2015 13:41 317K [IMG] 9-9-15 CPPC Meeting Minutes.pdf 11-Sep-2015 17:01 124K [IMG] PROPOSEDCPPCAgenda8.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:25 104K [IMG] SFCC 33 Gough St Report.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:25 2.3M [IMG] HGAProposal.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:38 11M [IMG] LPAProposal.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:39 7.4M [IMG] tBPProposal.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:39 54M [IMG] SFCC33 GoughSt Report.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:41 2.3M [IMG] 9-9-15CPPCMeetingMinutes.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:43 124K [IMG] SFCC33GoughSt Report.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:50 2.3M [IMG] SFCC33GoughStReport.pdf 17-Sep-2015 17:51 2.3M [IMG] Draf FacilitiesMasterPlan2-2-2015.pdf 18-Sep-2015 13:42 590K [IMG] DraftFacilitiesMasterPlan2-2-2015.pdf 18-Sep-2015 13:51 590K [IMG] RFQ9_BatmaleHall_HVAC_Prop39_IFB.pdf 22-Sep-2015 14:29 22K [IMG] RFQ9_BatmaleHall_HVAC_Addendum1.pdf 29-Sep-2015 15:08 2.5M [IMG] RFQ9_BatmaleHall_HVAC_Addendum1.1.pdf 29-Sep-2015 15:46 133K [IMG] RFQ9_M6.00_2015-9-24.pdf 29-Sep-2015 15:47 2.4M [IMG] RFQ9_BatmaleHall_HVAC_Prop39_PreBid_SignIn.pdf 01-Oct-2015 15:10 199K [IMG] PROPOSEDCPPCAgenda.10.14.pdf 07-Oct-2015 14:31 106K [IMG] RFQ9_BatmaleHall_HVAC_BidTabulation.pdf 13-Oct-2015 13:28 94K [IMG] 9-23-15CPPCMeetingMinutes.pdf 20-Oct-2015 14:02 124K [IMG] PROPOSEDCPPCAgenda.10.28.2015.pdf 27-Oct-2015 13:44 105K [IMG] Arts Extension HVAC Upgrades Prop 39_IFB.pdf 14-Apr-2016 14:53 22K