GED Cost

What is the price breakdown per test?

The 2014 GED test, including all the standard elements of the 2014 GED program, costs jurisdictions $35 per each of the 4 modules for a total of $140. The price that test-takers pay is set by jurisdictions, and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Do students have to pay for all of the tests at once?

GED Testing Service has no requirement that test-takers pay for all tests at one time. One of the advantages of the 2014 GED program is the flexibility that it allows test-takers to register and take only the subjects for which they are prepared, instead if testing on a schedule that is built primarily for the convenience of the test administrator.

Students can take sections of the new GED test in any order they want to. Do they pay as they go?

Yes, one advantage of the computer-based registration and scheduling system is that students can register, schedule, and pay for only those parts of the test that they are ready to take.