Continuously Enrolled Concurrent

High School Students

Enrollment Process for Summer 2014

Did you attend CCSF Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 semester, and want to enroll as a Concurrently Enrolled High School Student for Summer 2014? You only need to submit the following two forms:

Packet for Continuously Enrolled CE Students

Please choose course(s) thoughtfully with your high school Principal/Designee and Parent/Guardian as grades are permanent on your college record.   Please check the on-line CCSF Class Schedule.

ADD PROCEDURE: If you are unable to meet the May 20, 2014 deadline or the class of interest is at capacity, you may add your class during Add periods (see Summer 2014 Class Schedule for details).

All adds are at the discretion of the instructor. Upon approval of the instructor, you will be provided with an Add Sticker for your Add/Drop Form. To complete the registration process, submit the Add/Drop Form to CCSF Admissions & Records Office, Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Avenue, Conlan Hall Room 107.

Note: CRN on the Add/Drop form must agree with information on the submitted Permission/Consent Form. If for any reason, you are not able to add the approved course you must complete and submit a new Permission/Consent Form. The subject/course name on the Add/Drop form must match with the information on the Permission/Consent Form.

QUESTIONS Please contact or (415) 239-3286 or (415) 452-5172.