Service Desk

Tech Svcs

Effective immediately, as part of the IT Reorganization, the CCSF Employee Help Desk is now the CCSF Service Desk.

Get CCSF technology-related help!

The Technology Division has implemented a new Help Request System called "SchoolDude."

SchoolDude allows Technology Division staff to document and better manage requests for help, maintenance, and replacement of CCSF technology-related services and equipment. As a CCSF employee, you can now submit a ticket for technology-related assistance from any computer for which you have Internet connection. You can also track the progress of your Help Tickets, as well as easily communicate with Technology Diivsion staff until your issue is resolved.

SchoolDude is absolutely the fastest and most efficient way to receive technology-related support. With SchoolDude, you can request help and keep on working knowing TD is on the job! A few benefits of using SchoolDude include:

  • Fastest Service 
  • Easy to Use
  • Available “24/7”
  • Communicate anytime and easily about your “Help Request” tickets
  • Auto log-in with your saved “User Profile”

To access SchoolDude, click (Note: the password to submit your request is "password"). Most requests will be addressed within 48 hours. When you first access SchoolDude, you will need to enter your CCSF email, then click “Submit.” Thereafter, whenever you need CCSF technology-related help, simply go to and SchoolDude will remember you and all of your contact and location information!

If you need help using SchoolDude, please give us a call or send an email - we're happy to show you how to use this amazing new automated service.

Improved Services

One of the focuses for reorganization is to improve service to the college community. This is the first step in achieving that goal. Here’s a short list of things we will be working on in the next few semesters:

  • Plans to expand Service Desk hours: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday Service Desk hours
  • Multiple Service Centers
  • Multi-tiered Service levels
  • Overlapping service coverage areas
  • Self service Work Order system and Associated Training