Sample Assessment Questions

Sample Assessment Questions. Each course will vary.

Exit Survey:
1) Are you now fully aware of the importance of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility
training as they relate to lifelong good health and fitness?

2) Are you able to calculate your level of cardiovascular conditioning as it pertains to
Target Heart Rate?

3) Are you able to implement and evaluate a muscular strength and endurance program?

4) Are you able to integrate the concepts of proper body alignment, training safety and
injury prevention into a program for good back health?

5) Were the course objectives clearly stated?

6) Did the instructor cover the topic(s) inicated on the syllabus?

7) Did the instructor demonstrate command of the subject?

8) Did the course add to your knowledge of health and wellness?

9) Was the instructor sensitive to the cultural diversity of the class?

10)Was the instructor attentive to the needs of the class?



Physical Assessment Skills Sample:

Physical Skill

Key Points



Head, hands(left and right), vision, x-over, in and out, stutter step




Body positioning, hands, vision, footwork





Hands, feet, eyes, body positioning, bounce, chest, over-head




Hands, feet, eyes, footwork, cuts




Pivots, stops, slides, backpedals