Assessment Process

Non-credit faculty in CDEV work on their SLOs for the Spring 2013 semester

The faculty members in the Child Development & Family Studies Department are commited to continuous quality improvement through the development of Student Learning Outcomes, the implementation of the assessment process and then through the execution of changes and improvements that are informed by the data and are outcome driven.

The process begins with faculty meetings that occur on college-wide FLEX DAYS each semester. In past years, FLEX DAY discussions have resulted in outcomes including, shared curricular goals, course improvements, content changes and decisions to implement pre and co-requisites on specific courses. For instance, in the 2009-2012 school years, twelve new courses were created based on assessments related to student need. Ensuring that Department goals are incorporated into the Department Program Review closes the loop and allows for funding to be allocated to support student learning.

In 2012, the August FLEX DAY was devoted to improving the SLO process at the Department level. A team of four faculty led the effort and ensured that all CDEV faculty understood an improved, college-wide  SLO process. To date, a common assessment format has been selected and work groups for every course offered in the Department have been formed and each have adopted the common tool. The tool measures student perception of their competence in 1-3 SLO's and their ratings for a variety of instructional activities. For every course taught in the Fall , faculty will administer the survey at midterm and at the end of the course. Faculty will then tabulate results, review findings and create an appropriate plan of action for closing the loop.

The faculty team of four meet weekly and all faculty have participated in the process this fall. All courses were submitted to the college-wide data base on time with appropriate plans of action. Course outlines that need review were noted and this fall, five classes were de-activated based on changing student and program needs.

The faculty in the Child Development & Familiy Studies Department are committed to closing the loop through the development of a complete SLO assessment for every course offered during the 2012-2013 school year. All SLO's will be incorporated into the process by the 13'-14' school year.

In addition, the twelve CDEV Certificate Programs and the AS Degree Major will be revised during the Fall 12 semester to include enhanced and improved program outcomes. The Program SLO's will be revised to show clear linkages between courses and program and degree outcomes. Improvements based on past assessments will be incorporated and programs will be further updated and revised during the 2012-2013 school year.