ILO Assessment Fall 2013

Goals for ILO #1 assessment:

  • Gather mapping data for ILO #1 and consider refinements/gaps/next steps.
  • Review outcomes and refine as necessary to ensure continued value and appropriateness.
  • Develop/refine rubric to simplify collation of data among multiple instructors and provide examples of assessment methods, criteria, and rubric translations for a variety of programs.
  • Develop instructions and examples to go to all coordinators of ILO #1-assessed programs explaining how to use rubric at end of semester and reminding them that they will enter their information into end-of-semester reporting forms.
  • Review end-of-semester reports after assessment is completed and summarize, analyze, and report on results
  • Facilitate college-wide discussion of the results and suggested next steps
  • Complete a final evaluation report on the results and the process

Progress & Plans

Spring 2014:

  • Early FEB: Last call for ILO data from Fall
  • Review of ILO data
  • Presentation of analyzed results to college community
  • 1st DRAFT of final ILO report drafted

Fall 2013:

  • COMPLETED: Revision of ILO preamble to: Students who successfully complete their educational programs at CCSF will achieve all or an appropriate set of the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:
  • COMPLETED: Assessment of ILO #1 in programs (to be completed by Jan. 2, 2014).
  • IN PROGRESS: Gathering and review of assessment data (to be completed by Fall 2014).
  • COMPLETED: Mapping report

Work for this assessment is being conducted through meetings of the SLO Committee.

Spring 2013:

Fall 2013:

  • COMPLETED: Aug. 31 reports (mapping gathering).
  • IN PROGRESS: REPORT on mappings. Engage college in dialogue about results.
  • COMPLETED: For training/communication purposes, gather a few examples (1 page) from various programs across college of PSLO mapping, assessment strategies, and criteria.
  • COMPLETED: Email all ILO #1 -- assessment-in-progress -- program coordinators on process and how to coordinate effectively so they are a part this semester.
  • IN PROGRESS: Conduct assessments
  • IN PROGRESS: Refine outcomes if necessary (for future assessments) and gather college-wide feedback if changes made.
  • TO DO: Report results (in end-of-semester reports)

Spring 2014:

  • TO DO: Report results (in end-of-semester reports)

Fall 2014:

  • Summarize and report on Fall 2014 assessments
  • Engage college community in discussion and next steps
  • Evaluate the process