Institutional SLOs

Students who successfully complete their educational programs at CCSF will achieve all or an appropriate set of the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:

I. Critical Thinking and Information Competency

  • Use reason and creativity to make decisions and solve problems
  • Apply diverse viewpoints to aid in decision making or problem solving
  • Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information using appropriate research strategies, tools and technology.

II. Communication

  • Communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate respectful interpersonal and intercultural communication
  • Recognize and interpret creative expression

III. Cultural, Social, and Environmental Awareness

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history and values of other people and cultures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of civic, social, and environmental responsibility
  • Demonstrate civic, social, and environmental responsibility
  • Collaborate effectively in diverse social, cultural, and global settings

IV. Personal and Career Development

  • Identify and develop helpful resources and opportunities
  • Demonstrate self-reflection and confidence
  • Maintain or improve health
  • Value lifelong learning


Institutional Achievement Outcomes

In addition, the college is working to combine institutional student achievement outcomes with institutional student learning outcomes to create a college-wide list of outcomes for improving institutional effectiveness.

Instutitional Effectiveness