Documents & Forms






  • The CCSF Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws    (pdf)

Ratified by the Senate in 1997; Bylaws amended in 2011

  • San Francisco Community College District Policy Manual 2.07    (pdf)
    District Policy on Participatory Governance
  • San Francisco Community College District Policy Manual 2.08     (pdf)
    District Policy on Collegial Governance and the Academic Senate 
  • Guidelines for Academic Senate Committees ( doc ) ( pdf )
  • Role of CCSF Academic Senate     (pdf)
    Selected Source Documents compiled November, 2011.
  • Duties of the Officers of the Academic Senate.  May 2011
  • How the Academic Senate Reviews Shared Governance Issues (pdf)

October 2010 explanatory memo from the Academic Senate President on the Academic Senate’s process for Shared Governance review and the setting of Executive Council agendas.

  • PRSD: Program Revitalization, Suspension, Discontinuance

Board Policy. May, 2013
Procedure. February, 2013
"The purpose of the PRSD Procedure is to have an established process in place to guide a discussion should it be needed. The establishment of a procedure should not be construed as an inducement to look for programs to discontinue, nor as reason to avoid honest participation in an academic process such as program review."

  • The Faculty Hiring Procedures document     (pdf)

The rules for hiring both full-time and part-time faculty, as mutually agreed upon by the Senate and the Board (The faculty union and the Affirnmative Action Office also have rules for the hiring process.)

Board Resolution No. 910425-S6 Approval of the Jointly Agreed upon "Faculty Hiring Procedures" document.  1991  (pdf)

  • The Faculty Travel Document     (pdf)

The procedures for getting reimbursed for travel to conferences and professional development

  • Administrative Hiring Procedures, Evaluation, and Retreat Rights

            Mutually agreed upon by the Senate and the Board of Trustees in 1992

-New Administrative Hiring Procedures 2013  ( pdf )

-Administrative Evaluation and Appointment Renewal Procedures (revised 2002)  (pdf)

-Right to Faculty Status for Administrators  (pdf)

  • Empowering Local Senates:

A hanbook by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges


Historical Documents


  • Shared governance policy PB 2.07    (pdf)
    The Academic Senate was specifically referenced in I.G., II.1., II.A., III.A.-C., IV.A.-B., IV.G.-H.
    Replaced by new policies in 2012.
  • Administrative Hiring Procedures mutually agreed upon by the Senate and the Board of Trustees in 1992   (pdf)
  • Standing Rules for the Collegial Governance System  (pdf)  superceded in 2012 by Guidelines for Academic Senate Committees ( pdf )