Master Plan and EIR

S Greenhouse Addendum
Project Site
Letter of Availability #59072, October 14, 2004
Greenhouse Appendix, October 12, 2004

City College of San Francisco Master Plan, June 10, 2004

01. Introduction
02. Planning Context
03a. Ocean Avenue Campus Site Conditions
03b. Ocean Avenue Campus Development Program, Master Plan Concepts, Land Use Element, Transportation and Parking Element, Open Space Element, Utilities and Infrastructure
04. Other Campus Plans & Sustainable Planning & Design
05. Graphics and Signage
06. Design Guidelines

City College of San Francisco Master Plan
Environmental Impact Report, April 28, 2004

FEIR: This Comments and Responses document, together with the Draft EIR constitute the Final EIR for the CCSF Master Plan project.
Topical Responses (Transportation and Circulation and Other Issues)
        Illustrative Plan Main Campus
A. Milton Marks Response
B. Department of Toxic Substance Control Response
C. Department of Parking and Traffic Response
D. San Francisco Environment Response
E. Planning Department Response
F. Missions Merchant Association Response
G. Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Response
H. CCSF Master Plan EIR Public Hearing
    March 1, 2004
    Coghlan, Chris
    Levine, Robin
    Ventura, Richard
    Marks, Milton
    Lesser, Philip
    Weaver, Dan
    Evans, Rita
    Lopes, Ric
    Wilson, William
    Levine, Robin
    Lopes, Ric
    Coghlan, Chris
    Lewis, Al
    Evans, Rita
    Moggia, Eugene
    Marks, Milton
    Ramos, Julio
    Marks, Milton
    Coghlan, Chris
    O'Neill, Terry
    Ingalls, Vicky
    Lewis, Al
I. A resident of Sunnyside Response
J. OMI Commuinity Action Organization Letter Response
K. State of California, Governor's Office of
    Planning and Research

Revisions to the Draft EIR
        Summary of Significant Project Impacts/Mitigation Measures
                Study Area
                Study Intersections
                Existing Public Transportation Network in the Campus Vicinity
Appendix A: DKS Associates, Memorandum, April 6, 2004
Appendix C: Wilbur Smith Associates' MEMO

City College of San Francisco Master Plan
Draft Environmental Impact Report, January 30, 2004

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Executive Summary
     2.0-1 Summary of Significant Project Impacts
3.0 Project Description
     3.0-1 CCSF Citywide Campus Locations
     3.0-2 Project Site Location
     3.0-3 Existing Campus Facilities
     3.0-4 2015 Illustrative Plan Main Campus
     3.0-5 Preliminary Site Plan, Community Health & Wellness Center
     3.0-6a Preliminary Elevations, Community Health & Wellness Center
     3.0-6b Preliminary Elevations, Community Health & Wellness Center
     3.0-7 Student Health Center Site Plan
     3.0-8 Proposed Vehicular Circulation
     3.0-9 Proposed Parking
4.0 Existing Conditions, Project Impacts and Mitigation Measures
     4.1 Land Use and Planning
          4.1-1 Existing Land Uses in Campus Vicinity
          4.1-2 Existing Zoning Districts in Campus Vicinity
          4.1-3 Existing Height and Bulk Districts in Campus Vicinity
     4.2 Visual Quality and Shadow
          4.2-1 Key to Viewpoints
          4.2-2 View 1: Looking West from John McLaren Park
          4.2-3 View 2: Looking South along Phelan Avenue
          4.2-4 View 3: Looking North along Phelan Avenue
          4.2-5 View 4: Looking Northeast from Ocean Avenue
     4.3 Transportation and Circulation
          4.3-1 Study Area
          4.3-2 Study Intersections
          4.3-3 Existing Public Transportation Network in the Campus Vicinity
     4.4 Noise
          4.4-1 Noise Measurement Locations
          4.4-2 San Francisco Noise Land Use Compatibility Guidelines
     4.5 Air Quality and Wind
     4.6 Public Services and Utilities
     4.7 Geology, Seismicity, and Soils
          4.7-1 Boring Locations
          4.7-2 Geologic Map
          4.7-3 Major Regional Faults
     4.8 Hazards
     4.9 Cultural Resources
5.0 Other CEQA Considerations
6.0 Alternatives to the Project
7.0 References
8.0 List of EIR Preparers and Organizations and Persons Consulted
Documents on the Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report
Related to City College of San Francisco's Master Plan, October 20, 2003