Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan
The Facilities Master Plan will provide a roadmap for facilities development in order to support the goals and strategies of the College’s Education Master Plan, the goals of which include: advancing student achievement in meeting educational goals, transforming and sustaining campus infrastructure, and providing new and expanded opportunities for organizational development and effective innovation. The Facilities Master Plan will:
    • Provide a strategy for facilities improvement, renovation, replacement, and new construction over the next 10 years.
    • Build a 21st century community college that meets the needs of students today and into the future
    • Develop facilities to anticipate the needs of students and faculty for the 21st Century
    • Modernize CCSF facilities in order to serve the city of San Francisco for the next 10 years and beyond.
    • As an urban college with multiple campuses, include our community in the decision-making process.

A Working Group (Capital Projects and Planning Committee) will guide the development of the Facilities Master Plan in a process that is Comprehensive, Actionable, Participatory and Transparent. This group is an advisory committee made up of faculty, administrative officials and students. The Working Group follows this process:
    • NEEDS – Analyze existing facilities and identify needs
    • OPTIONS - Consider a variety of options based on these needs
    • RECOMMENDATION - Develop a recommended solution to address the needs



Phase 1 "NEEDS" is moving Forward

See the Progress Report here



Thank you to Students, Faculty, Classified Staff and Administration for responding to the survey!  See the results here





Get Involved in the Facilities Master Plan Project!
Check this webpage for project information and follow the progress of the Working Group. The College will hold opportunities for students, faculty, staff, administrators, community groups and the public at each step in the planning process.
    • NEEDS - Respond to the Facilities Planning Needs Survey: May 2016.
    • OPTIONS -Participate in Planning Workshops to consider options for facilities development (in person and online): September - October 2016
    • Read and submit comments on Draft Facilities Master Plan – January-February 2017


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