Finding Images


Finding Books with Images in the Rosenberg Library


Use the Library’s online catalog to find books with the images you need:




            At the Library’s home page

            Click on “Find Books”

            Using the Subject search type in painting renaissance

            Review the list of titles.


            Using the Subject search type in van dyck anthony

            Click on one of the subject headings. Click on a book title and then use the call number to find

                        the book in the Library.


Finding images on the Internet


Google or Yahoo Image search is a useful tool.  For public domain images,  you can use the words “public domain” in your search.,
but you still need to ascertain if the image is copyrighted.  Two collections of copyright-free images are  located at:  and at the Open Directory Project  



Using Museum Websites to find Images



British Museum, London, England      


Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco, California


Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California


Hermitage Museum, Moscow, Russia            


Louvre Museum, Paris, France   


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York    


National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.              


Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain                        




Evaluating Museum Websites:


Subject Focus:

1.What does this museum have in its collection?

  • Does its collection include the subject that you’re searching for?



• If you were looking for Renaissance paintings and the museum whose site you’re visiting is a

  contemporary museum, you’d know that you’d need to find search for another museum

• In general, images on museum websites will only focus on their collection areas or on images

  from their traveling shows (usually also related to their collection focus).



2. I know that copyright law allows me to use one copy of an image for an

    academic assignment and that I need to cite the image appropriately.

    What does each museum specify about use of their images?


Museum Image Databases:

3. How much of the museum’s collection is online? Or

     • How many images are in the museum’s online database?



• The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection contains over two million works. but “approximately 6,500 objects—less than two-tenths of one percent of the total number of

  objects   in the Metropolitan Museum” are digitized and available on the Museum’s website.


4. How do I access the museum’s image database?

   • Is the link obvious and clearly marked? (Does using the Site Index help?)


5. How do I search the museum’s database?

    • Are there categories or subject headings or an index that I can click on?

    • Is there a “search box” so I can make up my own search?


6. Zoomability Can I zoom in on the image and get a detailed look?

    • Is there a set enlargement or can I control the degree of enlargement?


Printing Images

7. How big is the image when I print it?


Special Features

8. What special features does the website offer that I can use to learn more about my image? 


                        Examples:       • Alternate views of the image 

                                                • Timeline to put the image in historical context   

                                                • Related works