Rosenberg Periodical Department
Holdings for Main and Campus Libraries


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Magazines and Journals

Older issues of periodicals may be found in our periodical's stacks in red, gray, green, blue or black binders. These binders are locked to keep the issues secure. If you need to remove an issue for photocopying, please see one of the student assistants at the student service desk or go to Periodical's Office (Room 410). Please be careful when removing binders from the shelf as some may be heavy or may not be properly locked.
Located on the first row of the periodical stacks, in alphabetical order by title, are the single issue binders. These binders hold the current issues of some of our more popular titles (American Artist, ELLE, Popular Mechanics, etc). To find out if a title is located on the current issue shelf, please check our periodical's holding list.


Newspapers may be found in 2 different areas. Current newspapers may be found to the right of the periodical stacks on the newspaper sticks. Some old newspapers can either be found in the binders or on the very last row of shelves in the periodicals department. Please check the periodical's holding list for paper retention and microfilm holdings.

Current Newspapers Old Newspapers

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