Rosenberg Periodical's Department
Titles for the Main and Campus Libraries Which Start With "Q"

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Rosenberg Library
Alice Statler Library
John Adams Library
Downtown Library
Southeast Library
    * Note: IAC FT= Indicates this is a full text Infotrac title. Years of coverage for full text varies. (Clicking on IAC FT will bring you to the Infotrac entrance screen).

    E News= Indicates this is an Ethnic NewsWatch title. Years of coverage= 1995 - . (Clicking on E News will bring you to the Ethnic NewsWatch entrance screen).

Title Paper Holdings Microfilm Holdings Current Infotrac and Ethnic NewsWatch Availability
(IAC FT* and/or
E News*)
Q.B.R.: The Black Book Review May 1996 -
Keep Indefinitely
. E News*
Q.B.R.: The Black Book Review 2001 -
(Keep indefinitely)
Southeast Library
. E News*