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Titles for the Main and Campus Libraries Which Start With "O"

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    * Note: IAC FT= Indicates this is a full text Infotrac title. Years of coverage for full text varies. (Clicking on IAC FT will bring you to the Infotrac entrance screen).

    E News= Indicates this is an Ethnic NewsWatch title. Years of coverage= 1995 - . (Clicking on E News will bring you to the Ethnic NewsWatch entrance screen).

Title Paper Holdings Microfilm Holdings Current Infotrac and Ethnic NewsWatch Availability
(IAC FT* and/or
E News*)
O : Oprah Magazine 2000, Current Yr +
Southeast Library
. .
O.A.H. Newsletter Current and Back Issues available on the Publishers web site . .
O.L.A.C. Newsletter See: OLAC Newsletter (Online Audiovisual Catalogers) . .
Oceanus Vol.41, No.1, 1998 - . IAC FT* (Expanded Academic)
Office Professional Current Yr + 5 Previous Yrs . .
L'Officiel De La Couture Et De La Mode De Paris
(In French)
Current Yr + 2 Previous Yrs . .
OLAC Newsletter (Online Audiovisual Catalogers) March 1996 -
Kept In Cataloging Dept
Back Issues available on publishers web site
. .
(Print Publication Ceased Winter 1995)
. [Oct 1982 - Fall 1995]
Keep Indefinitely
IAC FT* (Expanded Academic) 2/1992 - 12/1995
On Campus With Women [Win 1998 - Sum 2000, Win 2001-Spr 2002]
(Keep until 6 yrs out of date)
Available as free online publication
. .
Opera News . [Oct 1950 - Jun 2001]
Keep Forever
IAC FT* (Expanded Academic)
Opinion, La
(Los Angeles, Ca)
(In Spanish)
2 Months + Current Month
Newspaper Section
Current Issue On Racks
. .
Organic Gardening [Jan 1995 - Aug 2000]
(Keep until 6 yrs out of date)
. IAC FT* (Expanded Academic) 12/1992 - 7/2001
(Hong Kong)
Bound vols located near newspaper shelves: 1986 - May 2006
Keep Forever
Current Issue On Current Issue Shelves
. .
Outside Magazine Current Yr + 2 Previous Yrs
Current Issue On Current Issue Shelves
. .
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