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Information Competency Skills Workshops

Learning to be information competent is essential for academic studies and the workplace. City College of San Francisco has an information competency graduation requirement, which can be satisfied by successful completion of English 1A or ESL 170. The research/information competency workshops below help to prepare you.

Librarians teach seven workshops in room 414 of the Rosenberg Library, Phelan campus. The Workshop schedule is available at the Reference Desks in the Rosenberg Library. Workshops A, B, C, G and W are fifty minutes long and D is 90 minutes.

Most of these workshops are offered nearly every week of the semester. A written assignment is distributed at each workshop. A student may obtain a proof of attendance slip by completing the assignment and turning it in at either Reference Desk for correction.

Available 24/7 is an online version of Workshops A, B and C and W.
At other campuses, contact the campus librarian to make arrangements for similar instruction.
Photo of Librarian Bonnie Gratch
Librarian Bonnie Gratch Lindauer
Information Competency Skills Workshops
Level 1 Workshops
Level 2 Workshops

Orientation to Library Services & Resources (Workshop G) learning outcomes:





Using Databases and Indexes to Find Periodical Articles (Workshop B)
learning outcomes:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and reasons for using periodicals and periodical databases and indexes.
  • Access and search several periodical databases.
  • Interpret the screen displays and know how to obtain the complete periodical articles, regardless of format or location.
  • Develop an awareness of the basic elements of a standardized citation format (MLA) for an online periodical article.


Finding Books and Other Materials Online (Workshop A) learning outcomes:

  • Describe and contrast the benefits of using online catalogs to find materials in relation to other online search tools.
  • Practice doing several different types of online catalog searches, using CityCat.
  • Know how to interpret the catalog screens and obtain books, e-books, and audio-visual materials.
  • Develop an awareness of the basic elements of a standardized citation format (MLA) for a book.



Web Research & Evaluation
(Workshop W) learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of when to do subject directories vs. search engines.
  • Restate a topic into search words, using effective search techniques to focus results
  • Demonstrate ability to evaluate Web pages so better quality sources are used.
  • Prepare a MLA citation for a basic webpage.




Web Search Techniques (Workshop C) learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of concepts relating to the Web (e.g. browser, invisible web, URL, etc.).
  • Demonstrate understanding of components of URL and how to use it as part of evaluating a webpage/website.
  • Demonstrate understanding of differences between subject directories and search engines and conduct effective searches in both.
  • Develop an awareness of the basic elements of a standardized citation format (MLA) for a webpage.



Research Paper Process (Workshop D) learning outcomes:*
  • Increase understanding of the key steps for researching a topic.
  • Write a research question
  • Do the research to find at least three good quality sources for specific paper/project.
  • Increase understanding of how to avoid plagiarizing.
  • Prepare MLA or APA formatted citations for "Works Cited" list.

*The D workshop is only for students who have a research topic AND have completed the B workshop AND the C OR W workshop.


Citing Sources to Responsibly Use Information
(Workshop P)

    Workshop P Powerpoint       Workshop P Outline

  • Recognize plagiarism in its various forms and the consequences of plagiarizing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing
  • Prepare in-text and full citations for a "Works Cited/References" list.

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