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E S L   S e r v i c e s
The Rosenberg Library offers several orientation and instruction services for ESL students:
Here are links to some pre-set searches in the library catalog for materials we currently have:
Book and CD pairs at Rosenberg Library Read Collection

Readers by Word Level at Rosenberg Library
100-300 Word Level
400-600 Word Level
700-900 Word Level
1000-1200 Word Level
1300-1500 Word Level
1600-1800 Word Level
1900-2100 Word Level
2200-2500 Word Level
3000-3300 Word Level
3400-3700 Word Level

Basic Skills Materials in Rosenberg Library

Basic Skills Biographies at Rosenberg

Below are several Word documents that are printable reading lists. Please note that these were developed several years ago and that the library has acquired more materials since then.

Autobiographies for Intermediate to Advanced ESL Students
Biographies for Intermediate ESL Students
ESL Books by Word Level in the Rosenberg Library
Novels for Intermediate Level ESL Students

  • Library Orientation and instruction handouts & ESL Library Readiness Assignment
    Free copies of the Library orientation and instruction handouts, can be picked up at either ReferenceDesk. An ESL Library Readiness Assignment is available at click here to download the assignment in PDF format. To obtain a copy of the Assignment AnswerKey, call Bonnie Gratch Lindauer at 452-5548 or e-mail bgratch@ccsf.edu.

    A Multilingual Glossary in a chart format of library and online research terminology is available at Instruction for Diverse Populations Multilingual Glossary-Language Table. The glossary and Instruction for Diverse Populations Multilingual Glossary-Definitions could be useful for preparing for library workshops or other reading assignments.

  • Library and Web Research Skills Workshops
    Library and Web Research Skills Workshops are available for ESL students in two ways:

    1. Refer students to the "Research and Web Research Skills" workshops described on the Webpage link above. These workshops are for all CCSF students, and are appropriate for students in ESL 150 and above;

    2. Classes with research assignments that are not well handled by the workshops described above can have a customized workshop specific to the assignment Call or e-mail Kim Ginther-Webster (452-5470 kginther@ccsf.edu) or Bonnie Gratch Lindauer (452-5548) to arrange or for more information.

Other campus libraries provide similar orientation and instruction for ESL students. Contact the campus librarian for more information.

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