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Hispanic America / Latina/o /Chicana/o Subject Guide

Subject guides are designed to help students begin the research process, find reputable sources, and save time.

Searching the Library Catalog for Books & Other Materials


To locate books and other materials in CCSF Libraries, select the Library Catalog from the Library's Homepage. You will notice many ways to search, such as Title, Author, Subject, Subject Keyword, etc.

Please note that the Library of Congress uses “Mexican Americans” as the authorized subject heading and NOT “Chicano” and, likewise, “Hispanic Americans” NOT “Latinos”.

To begin research in this area, do a subject search on “Mexican Americans” or “Hispanic Americans” and browse through its various subdivisions such as:

Mexican Americans - Civil rights
Mexican Americans - Ethnic identity
Hispanic Americans - Economic conditions
Hispanic Americans - History

You may also use related subject heading beginning with the adjectives “Mexican American” or “Hispanic American” such as:

Mexican American art
Mexican American women
Hispanic American musicians

If you have a particular Hispanic American ethnic group that you‚re trying to research, you may start by doing a subject search on that particular group. Examples are:

Cuban Americans
Cuban American women
Puerto Ricans
Puerto Rican families

Reserve Materials

Reserve Materials include books, sample tests, class notes, and other items that instructors put at the library for class use. The check out time is shorter than regular circulating books.

To search for a book on reserve in the Library Catalog, select either Reserves by Course or Reserves by Instructor.

When you have located the materials, write down the Call Number and Title and present this to a staff person at the Circulation Desk.


Browsing the Library Collection

Materials in the Library are shelved by call number according to the Library of Congress classification system. Books are arranged on the shelves by subject. Relevant areas in the collection to find materials on Hispanic Americans include:





Cuban Americans


Hispanic Americans / Mexican Americans

E184 .S75

Hispanic Americans - Education

LC2669 - LC2688

Hispanic American Art

N6538.H58 - N6538.M4

Mexican American Theater

PN 2270.M48

American literature -- Mexican American authors
(Note: Mexican American authors are treated as American authors,
as are other ethnic American groups, and
will have their works in the PS call number range)


Mexican American cookery



Using Key Reference Sources

Reference books provide background information and overviews on a given topic. Some examples pertaining to Hispanic Americans are:

Tardiff, Joseph C., and L. Mpho Mabunda (eds). Dictionary of Hispanic biography.
New York, NY : Gale Research, 1996.

CT1343 .D53 1996 Rosenberg Reference

Fernandez-Shaw, Carlos M. and Gerardo Piña-González.
The Hispanic Presence in North America from 1492 to Today.
New York, NY : Facts On File, 1999.
E169.1 .F375 1999 Rosenberg Reference

Novas, Himilce.
The Hispanic 100 : a Ranking of the Latino Men and Women Who Have Most Influenced American Thought and Culture. .
New York, NY : Carol Pub. Group, 1995.
E169.1 .N77 1995 Rosenberg Reference

Schultz, Jeffrey D. (ed). Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics..
Phoenix, AZ : Oryx Press, 2000.
E184.A1 E574 2000 Rosenberg Reference

Campbell, Richard C. Two Eagles in the Sun : Your Questions Answered About Mexican Hispanics in the Border Southwest & Other Hispanics in the United States. .
Las Cruces, NM : EDITTS Pub., 1995
E184.S75 C35 1995 Rosenberg Reference

Kanellos, Nicolas and Critelia Pérez. Chronology of Hispanic-American history.
New York , NY: Gale Research, 1995.
E184.S75 C49 1995 Rosenberg Reference

Stavans, Ilan and Harold Augenbraum (eds). Encyclopedia Latina : history, culture, and society in the United States.
Danbury, CT : Grolier Academic Reference, 2005.
E184.S75 E587 2005 Rosenberg Reference

Chávez Candelaria, Cordelia (ed). Encyclopedia of Latino popular culture.
Westport, CT : Greenwood Press, 2004.
E184.S75 E59 2004 Rosenberg Reference

Weaver, Thomas et al., (eds) Handbook of Hispanic cultures in the United States : Anthropology.
Houston, TX : Arte Público Press, 1994.
E184.S75 H3653 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Jiménez Nuñez, Alfredo et al. (eds). Handbook of Hispanic cultures in the United States : History.
Houston, TX : Arte Público Press, 1994.
E184.S75 H3655 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Padilla, Felix M. et al. (eds). Handbook of Hispanic cultures in the United States : Sociology.
Houston, TX : Arte Público Press, 1994.
E184.S75 H3657 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Kanellos, Nicolas (ed). The Hispanic American almanac : a reference work on Hispanics in the United States.
2nd ed. Detroit, MI : Gale Research, 1997.
E184.S75 H557 1997 Rosenberg Reference

Nagel, Rob and Sharon Rose (eds). Hispanic American biography.
New York, NY : U X L, 1995.
E184.S75 H558 1995 Rosenberg Reference

Kanellos, Nicolas and Bryan Ryan (eds). Hispanic American chronology.
New York, NY : U X L, 1996.
E184.S75 H559 1996 Rosenberg Reference

Hispanic Americans : a statistical sourcebook.
Palo Alto, CA : Information Publications, 1997.
E184.S75 .H5655 1997 Rosenberg Reference

Kanellos, Nicolas. Hispanic firsts : 500 years of extraordinary achievement.
Detroit, MI : Gale, 1997.
E184.S75 K36 1997b Rosenberg Reference

Telgen, Diane and Jim Kamp (eds). Latinas! : women of achievement.
Detroit, MI : Visible Ink Press, 1996.
E184.S75 L354 1996 Rosenberg Reference

Chabrán, Richard and Rafael Chabrán (eds). The Latino encyclopedia.
New York, NY : Marshall Cavendish, 1996.
E184.S75 L357 1996 Rosenberg Reference

Guereña, Salvador and Vivian M. Pisano. Latino periodicals : a selection guide.
Jefferson, NC : McFarland & Co., 1998.
E184.S75 L36 1998 Rosenberg Reference

Meier, Matt S. at al. Notable Latino Americans : a biographical dictionary.
Westport, CT. : Greenwood Press, 1997.
E184.S75 M435 1997 Rosenberg Reference

Telgen, Diane and Jim Kamp (eds). Notable Hispanic American women.
Detroit, MI : Gale Research, 1993.
E184.S75 N68 1993 Rosenberg Reference

Benson, Sonia G. (ed.) Reference library of Hispanic America.
Farmington Hills, MI : Gale Group, 2003.
E184.S75 R44 2003 Rosenberg Reference

Castro, Rafaela. Dictionary of Chicano folklore.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2001.
GR111.M49 C37 2001 Rosenberg Reference

Kenig, Graciela. Best careers for bilingual Latinos : market your fluency in Spanish to get ahead on the job.
Lincolnwood, IL : VGM Career Horizons, 1999.
HF5382.5.U5 K455 1999 Rosenberg Reference

Financial aid for Hispanic Americans.
El Dorado Hills, CA : Reference Service Press, 2003.
LB2338 .F5645 2001-03 Rosenberg Reference

Burr, Ramiro. The Billboard guide to Tejano and regional Mexican music.
New York, NY : Billboard Books, 1999.
ML102.T45 B87 1999 Rosenberg Reference

Beardsley, John and Jane Livingston. Hispanic art in the United States : thirty contemporary painters and sculptors.
Houston, TX : Museum of Fine Arts ; New York : Abbeville Press, 1987.
N6538.H58 B43 1987 Rosenberg Reference

Riggs, Thomas (ed). St. James guide to Hispanic artists : profiles of Latino and Latin American artists.
Detroit, MI : St. James Press, 2002.
N6538.H58 S7 2002 Rosenberg Reference

Keller, Gary D. A biographical handbook of Hispanics and United States film.
Tempe, AZ: Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingüe, 1997.
PN1995.9.H47 K46 1997 Rosenberg Reference

Reyes, Luis and Peter Rubie. Hispanics in Hollywood : an encyclopedia of film and television.
New York, NY : Garland Pub., 1994.
PN1995.9.H47 R49 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Keller, Gary D. Hispanics and United States film : an overview and handbook.
Tempe, AZ : Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingüe, 1994.
PN1995.9.L37 K46 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Krstovic, Jelena O. (ed). Hispanic literature criticism.
Detroit, MI : Gale Research, 1994.
PQ7081.A1 H573 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Magill, Frank Northen (ed). Masterpieces of Latino literature.
New York, NY : HarperCollins, 1994.
PQ7081.A1 M29 1994 Rosenberg Reference

Lomelí, Francisco A. and Carl R. Shirley (eds). Chicano writers : first series.
Detroit, MI : Gale Research, 1989.
PS21 .D5 v.82 Rosenberg Reference

Lomelí, Francisco A. and Carl R. Shirley (eds). Chicano writers : second series.
Detroit, MI : Gale Research, 1992.
PS21 .D5 v.122 Rosenberg Reference

Lomelí, Francisco A. and Carl R. Shirley (eds). Chicano writers : third series.
Detroit, MI : Gale Group, 1999.
PS21 .D5 v.209 Rosenberg Reference

Barretto, João C., Roberto Trujillo and Andrés Rodríguez. Literatura Chicana : a bibliography of creative and critical Mexican American writings through 1996.
San Francisco, CA : City College of San Francisco, Rosenberg Library, 1998. (also available on the web at: http://www.ccsf.edu/Library/litchic.htm)
PS153.M4 B377 1998 Rosenberg Reference

Zimmerman, Marc. U.S. Latino literature : an essay and annotated bibliography.
Chicago, IL : MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1992.
PS153.H56 Z55 1992 Rosenberg Reference

Lomelí, Francisco A. et al. (eds). Handbook of Hispanic cultures in the United States : Literature and art.
Houston, TX : Arte Público Press, 1993.
PS508.H57 H355 1993 Rosenberg Reference

Kanellos, Nicolas (ed). The Hispanic literary companion.
Detroit, MI : Visible Ink, 1997.
PS508.H57 H566 1997 Rosenberg Reference

García-Ayvens, Francisco. Chicano anthology index : a comprehensive author, title, and subject index to Chicano anthologies, 1965-1987.
Berkeley, CA : Chicano Studies Library Publications Unit, University of California at Berkeley, 1990.
Z1361.M4 G37 1990 Rosenberg Reference



Searching for Articles in Periodical Databases

The term "periodicals" encompasses popular magazines, journals and newspapers. If you need assistance in identifying the differences between articles from a popular magazine and a scholarly journal, you may go here for further information: http://www.lib.utsa.edu/Instruction/Pathfinders/scholarly.html

Note: Most periodical databases are part of the private, passworded Web, so you will need to have a current CCSF ID card with a barcode to access those that CCSF subscribes to. You get the free barcode from the Library either in person or online.

If you encounter any difficulty with using a database, please contact a reference librarian for assistance.

Infotrac Web
Infotrac provides magazine, journal and newspaper articles covering the periods 1980-Present. There are currently 5 databases within Infotrac available to the CCSF community:

1. Expanded Academic ASAP
2. Business Index ASAP
3. Health Reference Center Academic
4. Health and Wellness Resource Center
5. OneFile

For this group of databases, you will find articles with

a) a citation only
b) a citation with an abstract of the article
c) a citation with the full text of the article.

Depending on the topic on Hispanic Americans that you are researching, select the appropriate database to begin your search.


Select: Infotrac OneFile

Upon entering the database, you will, by default, be put in the "Subject guide search" mode.

Browsing a subject You may browse a major subject such as Mexican Americans by typing "Mexican Americans" in the search box provided and then either clicking on the "Search" button or hitting the "Enter" key on the keyboard. At the next screen, select "Narrow by subdivision". At the next screen, you may select the appropriate subdivision containing the cluster of citations you would like to look at.

Examples of other subject headings include:

Mexican American art
Hispanic American women
Chávez, César
Huerta, Dolores

Doing a keyword search
You may access this search mode by clicking on the "Keyword search" link on the left of the screen. This search option allows you to specify words or terms in your search. You may combine keywords and phrases with "AND". Please remember that when doing a "keyword search", that it is critical that you start with a few important keywords. If your search produces a large retrieval of citations, you may then choose to narrow the search by adding one or more keywords to your original search.

Examples: Hispanics and discrimination and workplace
(As an alternate to the above search, you could substitute "workplace" with "employment" or "Hispanics" with "Latinos" or other synonyms to maximize your results.)
Hispanics and affirmative action
Latinas and health care
Cuban Americans and community

Literature Resource Center
Literature Resource Center provides full-text articles on literary authors, their works and literary movements.

Rodríguez, Richard
Alvarez, Julia

Proquest National Newspaper 5
News articles from 5 major newspapers, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the Christian Science Monitor. Date ranges vary by publication. Full text available.

Example: Hispanics and politics

Ethnic Newswatch
Comprised of newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press in America, this unique body of materials covers a wide range of current topics and countless other social, political and educational subjects. More than 200 publications covering 1995 to the present are represented, and searchable in both English and Spanish.

Example: Hispanics and healthcare

SFPL - Electronic Resources, Magazines, and Newspapers
San Francisco Public Library subscribes to many periodical and reference databases.
You must have a San Francisco Public Library card number to access them, so even after you complete your City College courses, you can still access online periodical and reference databases using SFPL.


Finding Web Resources

Below are some examples of relevant academic/scholarly web sites. If you use a search engine, such as Google, remember to evaluate the quality of the results.

CLNet: Chicana(o)/Latina(o) Network

CLNet: Chicana(o)/Latina(o) Network provides links to research on Chicano and Latino topics.

NCLR (National Council of La Raza)
NCLR (National Council of La Raza) is a private, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization whose mission is to reduce poverty and discrimination, and improve life opportunities for Hispanic Americans.

IUPLR (Inter-University Program for Latino Research)
IUPLR (Inter-University Program for Latino Research) is a nationwide university-based research organization consortium of 18 Latino research centers based at major universities across the United States that brings together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to conduct policy-relevant research on Latinos.

U.S. Census Bureau for statistics on Hispanics

The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University provides Bay Area and California demographic and statistic reports based on the 2000 U.S. Census.


Need More Assistance?

Librarians welcome your questions and can help you with your research. For additional help you may go to the Reference Desk at any of the 5 CCSF campus libraries or telephone:

  • Rosenberg Library: 415-452-5543
  • Alice Statler Library: 415-239-3460
  • John Adams Library: 415-561-1946
  • Southeast Campus Library: 415-550-4353
  • Downtown Campus library: 415-267-6513

Electronic Reference Service to CCSF students, faculty, staff and registered community users. Use this service when you are NOT in a CCSF library.

Library and Web Research Workshops
FIfty minute workshops are given throughout the semester on effective methods in searching for books, articles and information on the Internet.

Evaluating and Citing Information Sources
Several useful sources for evaluating the quality of web pages, how to prepare citations for a "Bibliography" or "Works Cited" list, and how to avoid plagiarism.

Purdue's Online Writing Lab
One of the most thorough and easy to navigate writing labs avaialble!

A+ Research and Writing
Hosted by the Internet Public Library.

Writing Process @ CSU
Colorado State University developed these guides which "focus on a range of composing processes as well as issues related to the situations in which writers find themselves."

Send comments or suggestions to:

João Barretto
Subject Selector
(415) 452-5441
email: jbarrett@ccsf.edu

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