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Donna Rosenthal: the Israelis--Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land
April 13, 2004, Rosenberg Library & Learning Resources

Donna Rosenthal: the Israelis

Donna Rosenthal
The Israelis--Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land

"This book was born when a CNN producer told the author: "Our viewers are confused. We have footage of Jews who look like Arabs, Arabs who look like Jews. We have black Jews, bearded 16th century Jews and sexy girls in tight jeans. Who are these people?" Despite the avalanche of news from Israel, few people know much about modern Israelis. Find out from award-winning journalist Donna Rosenthal who explores the "other Israeli" in her new book THE ISRAELIS: Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land"
--excerpt from

Donna Rosenthal: the Israelis
Suzanne Lo introducing Donna Rosenthal

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